Ayurveda has intrigued us since first trying to work out if we were pitta, vata or kapha....! The little learnings we have learnt along the way from various retreats, articles and people we meet like Lorien from Wholesome Loving Goodness is priceless. Lorien is on a mission to share Ayurvedic teachings to all who are open to it, she believes that this information should be free and inherent - like remedies passed on from your grandmother. Although still very young, it definitely felt like coming into homely and nurturing space when Lorien welcomed us into her home. We got the most delicious warming cup of turmeric chai - I still can't stop thinking about it. 

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an Ancient Science of Health and healing originating in India over 5,000 years ago. It is the sister science of Yoga that deal's with the health and wellbeing of mind, body and spirit, offering wisdom and knowledge to keep every aspect of our being healthy, balanced and well so we can pursue our purpose and mission in life. The word Ayur-Veda, literally translates as 'The knowledge and science of life.' Ayurveda is just that. It draws upon wisdom from nature - the 5 elements; earth, air, fire, water & ether to assist us in understanding our own nature and body, mind and spirit so that we can self-heal and look after this glorious temple of a body that we have been given to live in on this earth. :) 

How has Ayurveda always been a part of your life?

Interesting question as it really is a common sense, healthy lifestyle practice based medicine at the core. Many little things that we do intuitively are ‘Ayurvedic’ – as they are following the laws of balance and harmony. An example is putting on a jumper when your body get’s cold- this is a very simple example of balancing the elements… and taking care of self. ☺ Ayurveda has been a part of my life since a young age as my mother and father were both into natural health and healing. My mum practiced Yoga, Chi Gong, used only natural remedies and medicines, had a home birth when she had me, in an old house in the hills, nurtured my bodies intelligence and learning through teaching me about nature and virtues in life and was always mindful of the way our mind, body and spirit play a role in our health and state of balance.  So, since a wee babe, I have been blessed with a lot of love at home, a lot of care and empowerment with my health and a lot of nourishment through real education from cooking wholesome food, to moving the body, to being kind and virtuous in thoughts and actions.  I am so grateful, every drop of energy and effort that my mum put into nurturing me in this way, has made a huge difference and I am so grateful for such a divine mother. ☺ She’s inspiring! ☺ These ways of living with nature, being mindful, allowing the bodies intelligence to heal and overcome any imbalance – these are all elements within Ayurveda- as Ayurveda views each of us as having natural intelligence within us as that can heal and guide what we need. My Mum was really my first teacher of Ayurveda ☺ ..without that label. It is in her blood and she has such an incredible sense of natural intuitive wisdom. When I was older, my Dad introduced Ayurveda to me.  He is a Chiropractor and learnt about it from professor of his in college 20 years earlier.. so he was always dabbling in Ayurvedic books and learning about ayurvedic gem therapy. ☺  After growing up with my mum practicing yoga, my dad having knowledge of ayurveda – and me having both of their influences, I naturally found my path within Ayurveda, Yoga and natural healing/medicine. ☺ I’m eternally grateful to both my Mum and Dad for their loving contribution, care, for valuing health, loving nature, valuing good organic food, a great education (Steiner school beginnings) and being courageous leaders in natural health and wellness. 

Tell us a little about your daily routine and how it intertwines with an Ayurvedic lifestyle?

My daily routine consists of waking up usually with the sunrise and brushing my teeth, then scraping my tongue with my copper tongue scraper (I have a youtube video about this if this sounds new and strange!) ☺ Then drinking warm water with ginger, lemon and honey or simply warm water with a pinch of sea salt for minerals. This simple daily morning routine is great for cleansing toxins from the body that have been brought to the surface overnight and for warming, grounding and cleansing the digestive system before the day begins so that proper absorption, assimilation and elimination can occur. Ayurvedic lifestyle is all about creating balance and checking in on a daily basis with what your body needs and where it is at. Within each time in life, age and season there are changes in our environment, with summer there is more heat, winter it is cold, so we need to adapt and respond within our body and our daily routine to continue to move toward balance on a daily basis within ourselves and this is essentially the core of Ayurvedic living, or an Ayurvedic wholesome lifestyle. It is about being in-tune. ☺ 

What are 5 of the daily ayurveda practices you do in your daily routine that would be simple for others to do too?

  1. Wake up, spit in the sink any gunk in your mouth, gently brush your teeth, scrape your tongue with a copper tongue scraper (copper conducts the toxins the best, or silver or gold).
  2. Drink warm water with fresh ginger, lemon and honey (do not add honey if water is boiling, only when temp is warm). Or simply drink warm water to flush toxins, warm your digestive fire and hydrate your brain to start the day.
  3. Self massage with organic black sesame oil. Warm the oil and apply to your body before you shower in the morning. Focus on the joints, massage in a circular motion and move from your feet to your head. A great practice for improving circulation, boosting the immune system, cleansing the lymphatic system, soothing and grounding the nervous system, nourishing the bones and muscle tissue and loving your body first thing in the morning or before bed at night. Have a warm shower afterwards, the heat will open your pores and allow the oil to penetrate deeper into the tissues offering greater nourishment and goodness to your cells! ☺ Yum! So good in autumn and winter particularly! 
  4. Eat something warm for brekky! Warm, smooth, light and soupy… A rule in Ayurveda is to eat your biggest meal in the middle of the day when the sun is the highest- and to eat light and easy to digest foods for breakfast and dinner to assist your body and allow for optimum digestion.
  5. Massage your feet before bed with warm sesame oil to ground the nervous system and promote a very very deep and delicious sleep! …Also putting your legs up the wall, a yoga pose called the fountatin of youth or virparita karani that will nourish your adrenals and kidneys, restoring natural energy and allowing your body to balance and melt into a deep yummy sleep! ☺ 

You made us the most delicious tumeric chai I have ever tried – could you please share the recipe and tell us what its good for?

Yes! Oh, I’m so SO so glad you guys loved it so much! I adore Tumeric Chai. It is tea free, and has all the goodies I love, the spices and the milk/water. Beautiful aroma and so full of goodness for the body and mind. Here is the recipe! ☺ Feel free to grab the recipe from the website ☺ xxx http://wholesomelovinggoodness.com/tag/chai/ 

Tell us about your business Wholesome Loving Goodness, what is your offering to the community?

My business Wholesome Loving Goodness is ever evolving, organically just like the pumpkins, zucchini, broccoli and lettuce that I buy every week! ☺ It is my baby, and it really has a life of its own. It began as pure inspiration for wanting people around the world, young, middle and elder to discover the healing power within and the tools in their kitchen that they have access to daily to nourish, heal, inspire and uplift their spirits and assist in people having access to being the best version of themselves that they can be in life. My vision is for Wholesome Loving Goodness to grow to be a household name – an anchor for people to have that reminds them what is possible with their health, nutrition and life on earth and that they have the power to nourish and use nature as their medicine regardless of income, status, location or up-brining. Wholesome Loving Goodness is about making Ayurvedic natural wisdom accessible to all and educating the community about how delicious, simple, health-full and wonderful organic wholefood holistic living is and how simple it can be! ☺ My offering to the community currently is recipes & organic wholefood inspiration and education online via my blog, holistic ayurvedic nutrition consultations, ayurvedic wholefood cooking classes, workshops, retreats and I am half way through creating a book dedicated to loving the body, nourishing the digestive fire and inspiring the spirit that will be available as a self-education and empowerment resource for people seeking some wholesome inspiration in life. I also offer Ayurvedic massage and body wellness sessions that combine yoga, meditation, pranayama and coaching on the mind to bring balance and harmony to the system.  I love art, cooking, creating and photography as well as Ayurveda and Yoga. My offerings are likely to be varied and organic, incorporating all my loves in ways that can be of service to humanity and people on a daily basis improving the quality of health, relationships and possibilities of experience in life! ☺ 

You also said that you want this information to be free and that people should have a right to know this information, how do you plan on sharing that?

Yes, I want information such as this to be accessible to everyone. I created the facebook page and blog  purely out of inspiration... I had no plan when I began sharing my loves and food and photo’s of nature etc on the page… I still don’t have a plan really, however I have a deep commitment to contribute, share, love and be apart of transforming society and the world ~ through these simple practices and states of mind, such as being grateful, kind and loving to self and others on a daily basis. ☺ I  have visions that will incorporate art and dance movement in a holistic setting… I am very passionate about the way energy moves and runs in the body and the power of combining wholesome nutrition with wholesome movement! ☺ 

Tell us about your favourite beauty products you have shown us today and why they are good for you? 

Miessence, yes I am passionate about Organics for the body internally as well as externally, with what we put on our skin. ☺  The skin is the largest organ in the body, and it eats everything we put on it! Amazing isn’t it… My mum’s friend Narelle developed these products over 10 years ago on the gold coast, Australia as a young mum of 3 under 5 years old, realizing that there were no products in the health food shops she could find that were safe to use on her precious children. This alarmed her and inspired her to start creating her own products to use. This then grew as friends of hers also wanted the products and now it is a global company, with a huge range, offering personal care, health products and house hold products that are certified organic, food grade and safe enough to eat! …My kind of skin care. ☺I have been using these products since the company began and when I started my business educating people about holistic living and food, I wanted to have a skin care range that had integrity and purity that I could offer my clients. I love the products so much and the message of educating the community about organics that the company offers, so I happily use these products myself and am now an affiliate of the company, so that I can continue to spread the message of organic skin care and make them available to my clients & friends. My favorite is the Miessence body cream… it is so delicious to moistures the body after a shower, I love it. I also love massaging my feet with it before bed, when I’m not massaging warm sesame oil into them instead. I highly recommend becoming a super-market ‘investigator’ to everyone, to begin reading labels and choosing pure, organic, chemical-free products internally and externally for the health of your body and the health of the planet. ☺   I have a link on my website where people can find the Miessence products I love to use and explore the range for themselves.

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Photos + interview produced by thebharanieffect - our talented photographer is Maclay Heriot.