So the story of Travis Brewer... our photographer Maclay told me he met this epic dude in Venice that we just had to interview for Bharani. I said, sure! Get the photos while you're in LA and i'll email him some questions after i've done some research. Then a few weeks later I happened to be in LA and bumped into Julie (who we interviewed here with her husband Rich) at one of our favourite spots Cafe Gratitude (of whom we interviewed Cary here with his partner Amber) and she was having lunch WITH Travis! So I actually got to meet him before I even saw the photos Maclay took and before I got to read up about all the amazing things he's doing... I love how the universe flows when you're on the right track. #lovetotheuniverse Now its your turn to meet Travis - this glorious social entrepreneur and ninja warrior.

What does being a social entrepreneur mean to you? 

Being a social entrepreneur is a way of life. It says not only how you want to live your life, but how you want to run your business and effect other peoples lives around you. It is taking your social awareness and living to another level to affect not only the people that you meet, but anyone who enjoys your product or service you offer. Its the opportunity to start a community around the values that you live by, and make a living doing so. It is an ever conscious lifestyle. So enjoy it and help people along the way!

Tell us about all the different companies you run and how they each have a direct outcome to social conscience? 

Well, I have done a wide range of things from helping open up a Thai restaurant to helping some friends run a Non Profit for Peace in the Congo. My Last venture was to start an active wear clothing line that would give back to a charity of choice. Upon checkout you could donate to an affiliated food, water, or shelter charity. The vision is to provide high quality apparel AND give money to some amazing charities working to solve big problems on our planet.  Each of these companies have proven to be great learning experiences! 

Today I am working on my personal brand. Growing more exposure and experiences for myself as a, Ninja/Athlete/and ambassador to health and wellness. It has been such a pleasure finding success on shows like American Ninja Warrior and in calisthenic competitions at the FitExpo. The mission is to make a positive impact through Movement and align myself with projects and brands that have same message.  One brand I am excited to work more with is I am working with them as head athlete and ambassador. The idea is to push people to follow their passion and be the best they can be#besomebody. 

I am also launching my own clothing line of ninja pants and apparel on The name of the brand is PI which stands for Positive Impact and also the number Pi. With Every purchase of a product we give a part of the PIE back to funding fitness Parks and Playgrounds. Pi Is a magical number that never ends and is  used to find an circle and calculate the earth. We fill giving back should never end is what makes the earth go round. When you give back and pay it forward, it will eventually come back to you. Plan is to launch this Holiday season 2014 so stay tuned!

What was your path that led you to want to run your own businesses? 

The creativity and flexibly that comes with running a business is what I think attracts me the most. The fact that I can take on any project or the possibility to collaborate with other talented people is what excites me. I have been able to work with some amazing photographers, and had interns become best friends and co-founders. Anything is possible when you run your own business, just like in life, if you put in the hard work and stay positive great things will happen!

And at what point in your life did you develop your own social & conscious awareness? 

I hit a big turning point in my life about 3 years ago, hitting the end of my 20s. I had been living a lifestyle of going to and throwing cool parties, and working some job to get by and stay active. One day I looked in the mirror and was like what do I really want to do with my life? What makes me happy? Who do I want to work for? What is the meaning of life?!

I wanted to be happy, and what made me happy was working out and helping people. I wanted to have to ability to work for myself, because I couldnt find the ideal company or job. I think the meaning of life is to be able to express who you are, and treat others as you want to be treated.

With that realization, I decided to go and get my MBA from Pepperdine and study Entrepreneurship. I also started a dedicated practice to working out and a spiritual path through the Self Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles. These 3 major changes in my life, brought forth the social and conscious awareness I have today.

Now tell us about your workout routine? 

My workout routine is always different by design. I pride myself in working on many different types of movement, not just trying to be really good at just one thing. I am on a TV show in the US called American Ninja Warrior, which hosts the worlds hardest obstacle course. You have to be good at many different things and be able to adapt on the fly. My focus is working out the mind, body, and spirit. I enjoy doing Calisthenics, parkour, rock climbing, Yoga, Acro Yoga, and really anything that involves movement. I teach Adult Gymnastic at Paradiso Crossfit in Venice Beach, do private training in movement, and am also certified in Animal flow.

And how do your workouts work in synergy with what you choose to eat? 

There is a direct correlation to how I workout and how I eat. I choose to workout with only body weight. Meaning I dont use any weights and choose to workout functional training that is natural to the body. I also eat as natural and organic as possible. I eat mostly a plant based diet and always organic, whole foods when possible. I stick to super-foods and juices or smoothies everyday. Being natural in my diet has lead to a leaner and healthier body, and it has made me the most functional I have ever been. 

What are some of your favourite wholesome fuel, energy boosting meals, and super foods? 

I have a healthy addiction to smoothies and juices! I have a smoothie or juice everyday. Its a great way to get your fruits and vegetables in! For juicing on the go - I take Aloha green powder. Its an awesome way to get greens on the go. I also have my favorite vegan restaurants in Venice that I hit up regularly. I actually first ran into Mel (Bharani Effect Founder) at Café Gratitude in Venice! Lol! My favorite protein intake would probably be Tempe and I love an Acai bowl for breakfast or late night snack. 

What is next in the world of Travis Brewer? 

Next is to continue to be the best me and create a positive impact through movement! 

How I see that unfolding is continuing to expand my client list of brands to live a life style that inspires people to move. I will continue to train and improve everyday as a movement athlete. My goals are to continue to win calisthenic competitions and one day beat American Ninja Warrior! 

I will continue to create content via photos and videos that share more of my life and philosophy on movement. As this grows it will help fund my life long goal of building parks and playgrounds where people can get outside and move. I will build movement parks that people can come together as community to collaborate and move.

I will also go out and speak more on the philosophy of overcoming obstacles mentally, physically, and spiritually using the  P.I, Movement philosophy. I believe getting people to workout in nature, in a positive environment is good for the mind, body, and soul, and will help improve the consciousness of the world. This is the mission of Travis Brewer!

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Photos + interview produced by thebharanieffect - our talented photographer is Maclay Heriot.