It's not often you know the creative team behind the brands you love. I found Smack Bang Designs through instagram when many of the conscious products I love  & follow started to mention them as the brains behind their creative. As I got to know them post by post (haha!) I fell in love with their carefully crafted work which held each of their client's conscious integrity, yet appealed to my love of all things modern & pretty. 'Twas a match made in heaven because Tess reached out to us also and a new friendship was born. Meet the new conscious creative. 

Tell us about what led you into design?

I have always had a love for art and design, even before I knew what it was. From the moment I could use my hands, I have been making and creating in every possible moment. Throughout my school years, I’d hangout for art class and spend every other class doodling or dreaming up new DIY projects. After I completed school, I studied design at a few different unis and eventually dropped out to start the Smack Bang dream at the ripe old age of 22.

How did it come about that you wanted to work with design for conscious businesses?

A social conscious and willingness to help others is ingrained in me and I’m sure stems from my wonderful parents who would bend over backwards for any man and his dog. I have an innate curiosity for big ideas that can better lives and am constantly searching for ways that I can get involved with positive people and projects of any kind. Since starting up my own company, my passion to improve the world around me has exponentially grown and I have been luckily enough to use design as my vehicle to do so.

How have you seen design within conscious business progress over the last few years?

Within the business world in general, I have seen a massive shift from mass production to everything becoming a hell of a lot more personalised - from service to product and right on through to delivery.

With the shift of nearly everything becoming more ‘online’, businesses are having to offer a more personalised service and brand connection to make sure that customers are still resonating with the business on a deeper level. Because of this, consumers are becoming more invested in the brands they purchase from - they want to feel affiliated with brands that mean something to them and are therefore looking for connection and personality. An amazing byproduct of this shift, is that consumers are demanding that the brands care as much as they do and almost expecting brands to operate in a conscious way. It’s so great that businesses are digging deeper and are more willing to share and develop this side their story.

How do you think the more modern aesthetic to conscious businesses has helped expand the conscious market to be palatable to more consumers?

By making something that is not only ‘good’, feel good and look good, you are ticking more than one box. As a collective, consumers are fairly superficial, and whilst we all want to care about the life cycle and substance of a product we are buying, we are all swayed by the magic of marketing without even knowing it. To produce a product that is conscious as well as aesthetically pleasing, you are appealing to both sides of the consumers’ heart. The transformation of products from naff-conscious to modern-conscious has really opened up the space to attract a bigger portion of the market and has lessened the alienation of those that feel they are not ‘righteous’ or ‘do-gooder’ enough to buy into something that looks and feels too conscious for their way of life.

Do you think consumers first look at design & packaging and then the bottom line / conscious efforts of the company?

I’m probably a bit biased, but I definitely think first impressions make up a big portion of a consumer’s decision. Humans are very much visual beings, and we naturally gravitate towards things that appeal to the visual side of our brains. Good design tells a story, and so consumers are able to build more of a connection and feeling towards a brand if they resonate with the design of it. If a company does a great job at grabbing the consumer’s attention AND, tells the story of their conscious approach in a beautiful way, then I think they’re already halfway to adding to cart.

Tell us about the core value of your business - I love the practices and want to incorporate them into a lifestyle not just work !

At the heart of Smack Bang is a strong desire to create things that positively impact the world. We seek to promote growth and enrich lives in organisations and communities, taking great care to do good rather than to harm. We favour fresh over formulaic, people over profits, quality over quantity and keeping it real, from our work life right on through to our home lives.

What are some of the most exciting brands / designs you have seen lately who have an ethical / conscious bottom line ?

We’ve recently worked with a beautiful bohemian brand called All The Wild Roses - these guys have such a great giving back policy and we just love the ethical side to their brand.

Vege Threads and Alas PJs are personal favourites for organic, ethical threads and both have such heart and soul behind their brands.

Totem Road is an incredible furniture brand that not only produce drool-worthy designs, but do everything with a 110% focus on sustainability.

Urban Growers are a brand that’s super close to my heart and are forever inspiring me with their values and vision.

Then of course, there’s the Thank You group, who are up there on my list of all time legends.

What is Smack Bang working on at the moment?

Gosh, where to start?!

We are working on a range of 80 or so client projects, which are extremely varied and downright fun. Most of the projects we have in the works are innovative products in the conscious realm, so I can’t wait to lift the lid on those bad boys. 

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Photos + interview produced by thebharanieffect - our talented photographer is Maclay Heriot