It's so exciting when a new organic store opens featuring the best of local produce. Taking it a step further, it's a delightful treat when they also take that produce and create it into fresh organic concoctions for you to eat/drink immediately and this is something Smiths Organic Markets are doing so amazingly well. We met the team from one of Sydney's newest Eastern Suburbs organic stores and sat down with owner Nathan Smith to get the low down. 

What lead you into the world of organic produce?

When my son Boris was born - i began eating organic food with him. Everyone eats food and i really enjoyed being able to taste what i was eating. Organic produce was the only industry i saw that still had a predominately localised feel to it - due to certifications and the perishable factor was never going to become the domain of big business using and abusing 3rd world or developing countries.

You were a designer before this-  have you completely left that behind or do you keep involved in both industries?

I still have some legendary friends who work in the industry, but i have kind of left that behind. Never say never though - things may change in the future.

Where do you source your produce from?

We only use certified organic produce - so it's all from as local as possible. But, most of the certified organic farming is done by farmers who are kind of grouped together around Australia. We get some from Queensland around the sunshine coast. On the vic/nsw border there's another group of farmers. Tassie has a couple as well as South Australia and even from WA.


You were doing market stalls prior to opening the store, was this market research and are you still doing them?

We are no longer doing market stalls. I guess you could call them market research. We wanted to create a space where it would be really easy for us to change with what people were wanting at any given time. I guess we wanted a shop that would grow organically.

Tell us about the delicious salads and juices you guys are making on a daily basis, who comes up with the concoctions?

We make 3 different salads every day. We have a wicked team here and we all chat about what we are going to make and give each other feedback on previous days etc. The juicer starts at 4:30 in the morning and we use whatever seasonal fruit and veg that is available at the time. They are also changing everyday. We make our own milks - cashew, almond and coconut and have begun making coffee with these milks - they've been really popular.

What are some of your favourites so far?

The dehydrated falafel salad was a favourite of mine for sure.

What are your top organic eateries in Sydney?

Earth to table - the girls there are really lovely and Agape in Botany.

What are the future plans for smiths organic markets? 

We have a couple of naturopaths starting next week and we are looking at developing that side of the business. We are able to give consultations in our consultation room. We will also look at introducing deliveries and catering at later date.

Visit Smiths Organic Markets

146 Queen St, Woollahara, Sydney

Photos + interview produced by thebharanieffect - our talented photographer is Maclay Heriot.