When I first went over to Natalia's place in L.A to pick up a few pieces I had been lusting over online from half way across the world I knew her as a fantastic jeweller designer... they spoke to me on a level that was made with purpose, integrity and love. When I actually met Natalia face to face I found out she was much more than a jewellery designer, she was also a DJ, Yoga instructor & Tarot reader too! On all our conscious journey's one thing that will crop up for all is that we must be true to ourselves and live in the essence of what we were here to do whilst admitting that everything else is a mere distraction. This can be a difficult thing to face, not only to ourselves but also your own current situations (e.g. if we have a family to take care of). Its easy enough to say we should do what we love but for some this is hard as you may have other responsibilities to take care of but asking yourself what is your true essence can start a conscious path that will eventually lead to a place of being able to live a life of your own desire & design. Natalia put it succinctly below, be BOLD. 

At what point in your life did you discover your spiritual path ? 

That's an incredibly in depth story.. When I was 19 my spirit first presented itself to me and that was an exquisitely powerful experience . I think I had known and felt there was something so massive missing from my life at that time& as I began to discover new age wisdom & spirituality my heart exploded .. And so it began. Life is a journey of waking up & sleeping , so even though I had some profound spiritual shifts at 19 I kind of fell asleep again and meandered about & began to wake up again around the age of 23 - this is when I started to replace my feelings of loneliness & inadequacy w/ esoteric study, creativity & yoga .. 

How does your spirituality play a role in all the different things you do ? Music / Jewellery Making / Yoga Teaching / Tarot ? 

Well- I believe - no matter what our spirit is in everything, all the time , no matter what. It's guiding even when we think it isn't- everything is the spirit . I feel my spirituality flows through all of my creative expressions because my spirituality is nothing more & nothing less than my unique expression of love, inspiration & illumination. I made a decision when I was younger to bring light into the world - these facets of my creativity are my ways of expressing light & inspiration & just being myself !

You are a person who seems to be doing what you love and choosing to only do things you love like Music, Yoga, Tarot, Jewellery - what advice can you give people to come to this point in their lives where they make the decision to live how they want to ? 

 Be bold.. If there is one thing I can say about my path it's that it hasn't always felt easy or safe- but when the heart & spirit call (which they always are!!) you've got to listen & trust !! I feel that I live in a space of freedom and that's a deep blessing- everything comes at a price though, you have to be willing to sacrifice & make exchanges on the pathway to your dreams .. Because in the end and on the way- being truly happy & deeply fulfilled, I believe, is what we are all seeking.. And we are so capable of creating the life of our dreams if we are willing to act, be courageous & listening to the silent pulls of the heart.

Where did you learn how to make jewellery and how to DJ? 

When I was 19 I was itching for a creative outlet.. I was studying Political Science at the time whilst heading the events coordinator position for an Eco Business Club on my campus; I put together a green runway fashion show & pulled together a bunch of different San Diego designers.. one of them was this incredibly beautiful & eclectic jewelry designer- I was so inspired by her & her work that it incited me to start making my own stuff.. I began in my college bedroom & just taught myself.. I called in a few mentors along the way who helped me evolve my craft, but all in all, I am 100% self taught. 

As far as djing - in 2013 I had a dear friend named Moyo who would photograph my jewelry.. somewhere along the line I shared with him that I really wanted to know how to DJ & he offered to start teaching me once a week..  I set up my little 2 channel mixer that a past boyfriend gave me & learned mixing via Ableton internal mode... my poor roommate would walk in the door & i'd be train wrecking bass lines & dropping intense dub step tracks like bombs in our living room :) 

How do all the different facets of your life intertwine ? 

That's a beautiful question... they do rather seamlessly... at the base of everything is my connection to my heart & myself, which I would call my spiritual practice. It's taken on a less disciplined or particular focus these days- my self love is my spiritual practice, following my heart has become my spiritual discipline... self expression I suppose is the common thread through everything that I do these days. How I make time for everything I have no idea, but it all seems to work beautifully & I am really really grateful. 

You probably don't have  a typical day - but give us some insight into how your day would unfold? 

My days often tend to look like this: 

1. Morning Visualization & Yerba Matte

2. Gym 

3. Work on Consulting work for Principessa (a rad boutique on Abbot Kinney in Venice)

4. Fulfill jewelry orders, customer service stuff, marketing, emails, emails, emails, social media stuff

5. Work on a mix, organize music, communicate w/ my manager on upcoming gigs, emails, social media stuff

6. If I have scheduled Tarot readings, do something on my YouTube channel, etc. 

7. Go to Erewhon at least 1-2 times :) 

8. Go to any scheduled meetings at either Erewhon or Juice Served Here (my favorite juice place on 3rd St)!

9. Multi task like woah.

How do you balance living consciously with living in the city ? 

That is definitely a ballet- I have a really beautiful & peaceful home space & I feel like that helps me stay centered in this crazy city. I feel I have a pretty strong center & moral compass, my most simple reminder to myself is just to be kind. It's simple & it's often easy to remember- that's my way of remaining conscious & in touch with my heart in such a powerfully energetic & polarizing place.

What are your top 3 pieces of advice for trying to live from a place of unity & love?  

1. Love yourself deeply & create a relationship with yourself. 

2. Practice kindness with every person you encounter - especially w/ people who are in service to you in their work (aka people you interact w/ b/c they are doing their job to accommodate you in some way) 

3. Be gentle with yourself & remind yourself no matter what, all the time, you are always doing your best..

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Photos + interview produced by thebharanieffect - our talented photographer is Maclay Heriot