If holistic health, a balanced lifestyle, the pursuit of happiness and care for the earth interest you, which i'm guessing it might if you're here - it would be hard to have not come across MindBodyGreen. MindBodyGreen was one of the first websites that popped up in my own personal search for more information & inspiration to live more consciously. I am so grateful that through my wonderful friend Osher I was able to connect with Rich & Julie (who were our very first profile) and through them also connect with Jason Wachob, founder of MBG. His journey started at his body and filtered throughout his life and now has become his business... 

Tell us about your journey to living a more holistic & conscious life ? What was the actual inspiration in trying the organic, yoga, holistic approach to heal yourself ? 

I played college basketball at Columbia where in the off-season I did weight training and cardio for an hour a day, a routine I stuck with up until my mid thirties. I used to think that if you were fit you were healthy, but I've since come to believe that health is more nuanced than that.

In my mid-thirties (I just turned 40), I was running a company and trying to raise capital when I discovered I had two extruded discs in my lower back pressing on my sciatic nerve. I could barely walk and almost had back surgery. Looking back, it was probably related to stress combined with the fact that I was flying almost 100k miles a year. Being 6'7" and scrunched into airline seats didn't help. 

One doctor told me that yoga might be a way to avoid surgery. So I started practicing yoga daily, and was very surprised that I loved it. From there, I got interested in a more holistic lifestyle. I ate organic and ditched toxic household products. I began to meditate. I started a gratitude practice. And after just a few months, I completely healed my back (without surgery). 

It was a real awakening for me. I realized that health wasn't about weight loss or looking good—it was a blend of how we treated our minds, bodies, and the environment. It was also the inspiration for starting my business, MindBodyGreen.com.

Your personal healing process had a lot to do with inflammation - what are your tips reduce inflammation? 

More veggies! Preferably the dark green kind.

From where you started that journey to where you are now, what are some of the things which continue to amaze you around alternative wellness ? Your journey led you to start Mind Body Green - tell us about the rapid changes you have seen in this space ? Why do you think people are turning more into themselves and holistic/natural alternatives ? 

I think alternative wellness is becoming mainstream. Look at the growth of companies like whole foods market. Look at the juice bars that are popping up in starbucks. All the crossfit gyms, the yoga studios, even meditation becoming a practice that hedge fund managers incorporate into their training. There's no denying that there is a global shift, and I think it's largely driven by millenials. They're more in-tune with a holistic lifestyle and see "balance as the new achievement" (a phrase we use a lot internally). 

How big is the community on MBG now? 

We have 2,500 amazing global contributors who write for MBG and an audience of approximately 15 million unique visitors/month.

What are the next big plans for MBG that your community can look forward to? 

More of everything! More great content. More video courses - currently we have 12 and would like to double that number very soon. And more fun events locally and globally. We love our community of readers and contributors and love meeting them in person!

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Photos + interview produced by thebharanieffect - our talented photographer is Maclay Heriot