Los Angeles - Westside

Instagram is a plethora of gorgeous green, healthy, fresh images. Its easy to get lost in the sea of amazing local produce on offer ! When I moved in Los Angeles (and on the Westside) late last year, I avidly watched my feed to see who would post about Westside Farmers Markets in LA. That's when I found Emily from Real Is Rad

Emily has always had a passion for health and well-being. A couple of years ago, she started to research holistic and natural healing approaches more in-depth. Emily believes that "Achieving a higher level of focus, clarity and happiness in your life starts from the inside out which is why I believe in eating plant-based, organic, local, nutrient-dense whole foods and using the freshest, purest and most delicious ingredients. "

If you want to support Local. Sustainable. Organic in LA follow Emily's Instagram for more inspiration on creating simple recipes with nourishing ingredients ! @RealisRad




*Ed's note - I also like going to the WEDNESDAY AM edition of the SANTA MONICA FARMERS MARKET :)

By Emily from Real Is Rad 

California offers a bountiful selection of beautiful farm fresh, nutritious produce year-round. Take advantage of your weekly Farmers Market and buy locally sourced fruits and vegetables.


Santa Monica Farmers Market

Time: Every Saturday; 8:30am - 1pm

Location: Arizona Ave & 3rd St. Santa Monica, CA 90401 

JJ’s Lone Daughter Ranch

Offers organic specialty citrus and extra large avocados. My favorite item to buy: avocados!

Maggie’s Farm

Offers a variety of lettuce, herbs and micro-greens. My favorite items to buy: everything! They also have a cool herb display that tells you what every herb is.

Coastal Organics Farm

Offers certified organic farm fresh vegetables. My favorite item to buy: mixed cherry tomatoes.

Milliken Family Farm

Offers farm fresh vegetables, pickles, sweet potatoes, ginger and dates. My Favorite items to buy: any vegetables, ginger and Medjool Dates.

Pudwill Berry Farm

Offers a variety of berries including blackberries, blueberries, currants, figs, mulberries, raspberries and strawberries. My favorite items to buy: everything, especially the “Pink Lemonade” Blueberries.

Jimenez Family Farm

Offers organic farm fresh vegetables and berries. Favorite item to buy: Tomatillo’s.


Harry’s Berries

Offers a variety of strawberries and vegetables. My favorite item to buy: strawberries from their gorgeous display that spans for what seems a mile.

Brentwood Farmers Market

Time: Every Sunday; 9am – 2pm

Location: 741 Gretna Green Way Los Angeles, CA 90049

Country Fresh Herbs

Offers fresh salad greens, specialty peppers and herbs. My favorite items to buy: Super Antioxidant Micro-Greens and Lemon Cucumbers.

Scarborough Farms

Offers an exquisite variety of lettuce and herbs. My favorite item to buy: the special salad mix with edible flowers.

Shelly’s Farm Fresh

Offers fresh pasture-raised eggs. My favorite item to buy: eggs!

Culver City Farmers Market

Time: Every Tuesday; 2pm – 7pm

Location: Main St. between Culver & Venice Culver City, CA 90232

Finley Farms Organics

Offers certified organic vegetables, berries and melons. My favorite items to buy: any of their vegetables, especially their gorgeous Rainbow Chard and Purple Onions.

Arnett Farms

Offers a ton of varieties of stone fruits, citrus, berries, apples and persimmons. Their display is incredibly eye-catching with an abundance of large brown baskets filled with produce and catchy signs. Favorite items to buy: Donut Peaches, Mango Flavor Nectarines, Red Velvet Apricots, Blood Oranges and Cherries.


Hollywood Farmers Market

Time: Every Sunday; 8am – 1pm

Location: Ivar Avenue & Selma Avenue Hollywood, CA 90028

McGrath Family Farm

Offers organic fruits and vegetables. My favorite items to buy: Strawberries and Heirloom Tomatoes. 

Honey Pacifica

Offers raw honey and honey treats. My favorite item to buy: Coastal Bee Pollen – it’s the freshest bee pollen I have ever had. 

Windrose Farm

Offers vegetables, apples and stone fruits. My favorite item to buy: their amazing selection of loose greens displayed in buckets on vibrant colored blankets. It’s a gorgeous display! 

The Garden Of..

Offers certified organic produce. They are especially known for their superb quality. My favorite item to buy: any greens from their beautiful lettuce lineup.

Mud Creek Ranch

Offers a variety of interesting certified organic citrus and exotic fruits. My favorite items to buy: Mulberries and Tahitian Pomelos.