How does one explain this wonder-woman ? Ray of sunshine, joyful and exuding happiness! We all start our conscious journey's differently and truth be told I think there would be a few out there who would relate to Lola's story. As much as we probably don't want to admit it, the original goal to 'look' or 'feel' better was not to benefit better health, but along the way you learn that there's actually real results and real benefits for your health & soul-self (not your ego-self).  Lola was quickly fascinated by her own results and the journey is still unfolding.... This beauty also teaches a juicy yoga class and has has just released her FOURTH cook-book called The Happy Cook Book. We got to hang out for a little while just briefly before her new book launched. Thanks Lola for taking the time to share your story with us! x

Tell us about your journey to where you are now - how did it begin ? 

Well i wasn't a health nut at all really. I was a dj and a bit of a party animal and my favourite foods were giant caramello koalas and lamingtons. Then I had a crush on a boy and decided to go on a "summertime detox" so I could look good in a bikini (bad but it's the truth), then all of the sudden I noticed my skin was brighter, the whites of my eyes were clearer, I had more energy and I was a much better version of myself. So it didn't take too long, to start getting into super foods and my fasincation just grew and grew. Then I enrolled into a bachelor of health science and thought i wasn't smart enough to study the sciney stuff. And you know what I failed loads at the start. Then now morning i literally woke up and thought, i've got it, i'll be like the steve iriwin of fruits and veggies, using media to spread the cool message. So i got 3 jobs and saved up to buy my own video camera. And i'vestarted to talking to camera every morning about my brekkie. Then i released web-videos and the rest is kind of history!

Specifically to food and your cook books ... what led you to health food as well as your active lifestyle

I just love feeling clear and on point, and being healthy is the best way to do that. for me it's all about del food that nourishes you and you can share with the people you love. 

You also have a youth elixir on the site, tell us how that comes into your ethos ? 

Well it's a combo of things i use on my skin. My house mate (who's name is Oscar) kept coming home from work with rashes on his face and asked me what he could do. So i ame up wit this little combo and it worked a treat, then Oscar said let's create this and get it out to people. It's made from organic cold pressed rose hip oil, macadamia oil, calendula and flower essences for self worth and self belief. 


You have just released your 4th ! Cook book, what is your process for coming up with new recipes ? 

The Happy Cookbook is my new baby, yes, and you know what it's just full of my heart. There's over 130 new recipes. Plus loads of lifestyle stuff, like i talk about yoges (that's my word for yoga), sleep, relationships and being out in nature (biophilia). As far as the recipes go i get inspiration from everywhere, it might be a memory from childhood, it could be a meal mum's created or something i'd tasted along the way. For be it's all about creating nourishing meals you can share with the people you love. 

You speak about biophilia a lot - can you explain what that is and how you feel it helps you and can help others ? 

Ah - my favourite word in the entire world, it refers to the healing power of mother nature on the human spirit. So if you're stressed out just get out into nature and ground (or "earth") yourself. I know i feel most connected and clear when i spend time out in nature, it's a very important part of my whole life. 

What are some of the key ingredients you would immediately remove from your pantry when transitioning to a more healthy diet ? 

anything with artificial sweeteners, like the diet soft drinks they're mostly sweetened with number 951 (aspartame) that stuff is no good for anyone! Plus all the numbers and additives. If you go shopping and pick up packet food and it feels like you're in year 12 chemistry class, and it's full of words you can't pronounce and numbers, then pop it back down. It may well outlive you and there's very little nutrition in it. 

And what are their replacements ? 

Simply real food, i believe if you pull something out of the diet try to replace it so you don't feel like you're missing out. I teach my clients how to make veggie chippies and raw chocolate so they have replacements for their unhealthy foods. 

What is next for Lola ??

Haha.. Living the dream i hope! Just really happy to be spreading the message and loving the journey. I love filming and writing so i will keep focusing on that, and doing what my mediation teacher always says, following the charm (my passion) which is to spread the health word and inspire as many humans as i can! 

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Photos + interview produced by thebharanieffect - our talented photographer is Maclay Heriot