A little while ago over on my instagram account I wrote about having a creative and active role in your own life. Creation in any aspect, not necessarily artistically but creating your own life, designing the life you want to lead. When I met Jobi there was no other word that summed up what she has dreamt and acted upon. She is continuing to dream and act upon each scene in her physical waking moment and it is truly an inspiration....thank you Jobi.

How was the vision for Sēfari born? 

About a year ago, I embarked on a spirit journey to the heart of my favorite continent, Africa. A place where I have always felt inspired, connected to the rhythms of life, and surrounded by the most incredible landscapes on the planet. And on this journey, I found myself. “The Journey is the Destination...” Iconic words by one of my role models, Dan Eldon. Words that shaped my perceptions and experience while on this adventure where I came face to face with my life’s mission, which is to build sanctuaries for creative explorers. 

After years of surfing and adventuring around the World, I finally decided to create a company where I could channel these passions into a career. I envisioned a way to inspire to others to seek their own creativity + cherish the beauty of nature + come together to celebrate life. 

To me, Sēfari is the spirit of adventure. It is a hybrid of the two most powerful inspirational forces in my life, the Sea + African safari.

While in Africa, I realized that in order for me to access my inner creativity, it was essential to work in a natural environment. It was also extremely helpful to be surrounded by like-minded + supportive individuals. This realization formed the backbone of what was to be the Sēfari Outpost. Upon my return to California in October (2015), I approached Etyon Levin (owner of Malibu Market & Design) with the concept and proposal to turn a portion of his property into the flagship outpost.

The Sēfari Outpost opened its doors to the public on December 11th, 2015. The business is based on providing the Malibu community its first holistic / creative co-working space. Sēfari hosts artistic workshops as a means of self-discovery. We embark upon rugged yet luxurious spiritual adventures to gain inspiration from the world around us. And I curate + create treasures from my travels + showcase them in a lifestyle boutique. 

Where did you first experience your connection with nature? 

I remember being in the Ocean before I could walk. I can recall with stark clarity the feeling of the water on my skin, the salt in my eyes, the first time I stood in crystal clear water. I must have been 2 years old. 

And where and what was your first experience of  making that connection between accessing creativity through nature ? 

I believe that I have always felt this connection through my intuitive senses, but it was just this past summer that I learned the means to articulate this feeling. I was in South Africa, sitting at a cafe that was literally alive… there were animals cruising in and out, living walls adorned the perimeter and people connected with themselves, each other and their surroundings in a different way. They moved slower, and had a very positively charged energy, it was magnetic and tangible. The rhythm of life beats to a very different drum, and it this rhythm that entices my creativity.  In my experience, joy exists in this place more then anywhere else on this planet. I made the connection between creativity and nature immersion on my first safari, when I was 18 years old. 

What are some of the ways you like to express your creativity ? 

Over the last year I have found that exercising my creativity is the direct link to actualizing my personal definition of fulfillment, and joie de vive…. thus I make a point to exercise this perspective through multiple outlets on a daily basis to sustain personal happiness. 

I journal, everday. 

I surf and / or hike everyday. If I can’t make time to go do these things for some reason, I make time to be outside. It recalibrates my energy and rejuvenates my heart, which allows me to access deeper levels of my creative subconscious mind. 

I tell someone a friend, or at times a random individual in a unique way something that I appreciate them. 

I take photographs. 

I make an effort to disrupt my physical environment everyday. Meaning, I create a new experience for myself and open up the capacity to learn, grow, and connect with a new aspects of my personality within my surroundings. 

I don’t wear shoes often. This is kind of a running joke with friends, but I find it very grounding… its like a permanent reflexology treatment. I mean who doesn’t want that?!

Tell us about the handmade bags you created …. 

When I was first dreaming up the concept and lifestyle aesthetic behind Sēfari, I kept envisioning my travels throughout Africa…. and a quintessential element to all adventures is a great bag to house your essentials. I have always collected bags, and never really felt as though one properly flipped my switch so to speak. I am also very inspired by artisans such as Peter Beard, Dan Eldon, Martha Gelhorn, and Georgia O’keefe. These visionary individuals had very particular life perspectives and surrounded themselves with found objects. They are all treasure hunters in their own right, and when I was developing the Sēfari bag concept, I wanted to reflect those sentiments. One of a kind, handcrafted with recycled materials, constructed to last decades, and a style that emulates the African spirit. I contracted an amazing company based in Italy to collaborate on the designs and could not be more pleased with the results.

What is the Water Spirit Meditation you offer ? 

Water + Spirit is a nature immersive meditation that I designed and facilitate on paddle boards in the Ocean. I create meditation experiences based on one’s astrological elemental energy, and curate an environment within nature that stimulates deeper connection to one’s creative subconscious. 

This experience can be performed on an individual or group basis and it is aimed at helping individuals realize their dreams and learn how to manifest them into reality. 

How do you think nature contributes to the way you interact with others and yourself every day ? 

As a human beings I am connected to nature on a fundamental level, I live within its vast and dynamic integrated system. For me, getting lost in nature stimulates, sharpens and relaxes my senses simultaneously. This process allows me to hold a vision of inspired existence which raises my energetic vibration. In turn, this shift magnetizes certain experiences, individuals, and opportunities into my reality that allow me to transcend. 

Ultimately, nature helps me to evolve into the most authentic version of myself, and throughout that process, everything around me shifts and evolves as well. By mastering + loving myself… accepting my nature,  I interact with my surroundings from a place of centered connectivity and fulfillment. Every interaction is a reflection of this, and every relationship is a tool for learning. 

Nature is the ultimate sanctuary and provides me the support I need to be the best human I am capable of being. Nature is a manifestation of the Divine, and well beyond my realm of conceptual understanding. Rather then attempting to think about it, I just feel it. I am nature. 


Visit http://www.sefarioutpost.com

25001 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu CA

Photos + interview produced by thebharanieffect - our talented photographer is Maclay Heriot.