Jesse Carmichael is the guitarist and keyboardist for Maroon 5 and he plays music on the side with his freeform solo project called 1863. We were so stoked to be able to connect with Jesse because one of the biggest inspirations for us is seeing people who live and make conscious lifestyle choices even if they aren't in solid routines. In Jesse's case, a lot of his life is spent on the road and he admits that his career is at a level where making conscious choices might be a little bit easier for him, but its those simple ones he shares as well that can remind and help us live more harmoniously. 

Tell us about your journey into a more holistic lifestyle – where did it begin? 

I grew up with a lot of interaction with Nature/The Great Outdoors because my dad is a big lover of mountains and the ocean and camping and climbing and hiking and stuff like that.  A deep respect for this planet naturally led me to a more “holistic” lifestyle because I think the realization that everything is interconnected makes choosing balanced sustainable choices whenever possible the obvious answer for me. 

And where are you at with it now? 

Over the years of exploring specific modalities of health and exercise and diet I’ve come to feel that every person is different and there isn’t a cookie cutter simple answer to the question of how to live the most balanced healthy life. I like to mix and match from different things I’ve looked into and combine them to put together my own unique path.  And I really like to keep room in my belief system for the idea that things are always deeper than they seem and to not get too attached to any one way of thinking because things are always changing.  I do believe though that throughout it all each of us has a unique inner compass that can help guide us towards whatever life we feel called to live.  

What are the top 5 things you do in your daily routine that are conscious lifestyle choices you didn't do 5 years ago? 

1. I meditate twice a day for 20 minutes at some point in the start of the day and again at some point towards the end of the day. It’s a really effortless and simple practice of just sitting and letting whatever happens happen. A friend of mine named Buck who studied Vedic Meditation in India recently brought the practice home and is teaching people in Los Angeles. His Instagram is: @UNIVERSALMEDITATION

2. At home (and whenever possible on the road) I don’t drink anymore from plastic bottles. Mountain Valley Spring water delivers glass 5 gallon bottles and I’m so grateful to be avoiding the potential leeching of chemicals. Also I take my own glass water bottle around when I leave the house. 

3. My yoga practice is more of a spontaneous thing now… whenever I feel a part of my body call out for attention I do a mini stretch session right then and there. I’ve also enjoyed mixing in weight training and karate into my weekly fitness routines so I feel more balanced with that yang activity balancing out the other yin stuff. 

4. I feel so lucky to have been able to buy a Tesla electric car and I love that I can charge it with an outlet that is powered by solar panels at my house. I’m so exciting that the technology is already here for that kind of sustainable fuel alternative… Now it’s just a question of figuring out more sustainable ways to create solar panels and non toxic batteries. Man, is it even possible…? I hope so.  We need a new generation of sustainable scientists and inventors and designers.  

5. Reading the book Non Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg has really changed my life. I love those concepts so much and I really hope that more people in the world can integrate them into their daily communication styles and that we can keep moving closer and closer to all living more harmoniously and abundantly on this planet together.

What are 3 new conscious ideas you’d like to try in your life this year? 

1. I’d like to incorporate some more structure into my creative endeavors in life. I think discipline is a perfect complement to the free forms of creating. 

2. I wanna keep remembering more and more to live with a beginners mind and be like a child, even as I’m setting goals and navigating the “adult” world. 

3. I like the principle of sharing with others the type of energy that I want to receive so I’m going to focus more on being a supportive and loving force for the people in my life. 

Is it hard to manage this kind of lifestyle whilst touring? 

We are lucky in Maroon 5 to be at a level now where we get to eat good organic local food on tour because our chef goes out in the morning to shop in each city. And we stay fit with daily exercise. We laugh a lot together and traveling in this family is a blast in general. We also keep up good communication… never letting anything fester.  Learning to live with all of our differences and putting harmonious relationships at the top of our priorities has been a great life lesson over the years. 

Top 5 tips for people who travel a lot but still want to make conscious decisions? 

1. Get sunlight and exercise to help with jet lag. 

2. Travel with your essentials in your checked bags. Epsom salts incense and a travel candle and some coconut oil for self massage/skin hydration help make a hotel room like a mini spa. 

3. The internet makes it easy to search for healthy places to eat in whatever city you’re visiting. 

4. Stay connected with family and friends at home with video chats and phone calls and also be in the moment wherever you are with the people you’re with. 

5. Make a donation if you can to an organization like this Nature Conservancy Carbon Offset program:

Tell us about your new garden – what made you decide to build it?  

I love having a garden at home. Being able to create dishes with freshly grown veggies and lettuces is so exciting. Fresh herbs help the taste and nutrition of home cooked meals. Working with the plants and the soil is grounding and calming. And it’s also all beautiful to look at. 

How did you find the garden nerd and how has she helped cultivate the garden? 

I met Christy from GardenNerd when she was co-teaching a workshop on gardening I took a few years ago up at Esalen, an amazing place to go learn things on the coast in Big Sur. If anyone in the LA area is interested in putting together a home garden of any size, she can be contacted at her website:

What do you have growing in there? 

This particular crop has: 



Bok Choi

Mustard Greens

Kohl Rabi




Beets Carrots



Green Onions







Mint (in a separate container to prevent it from taking over other plants)

Sweet Peas

Nasturtiums (edible flowers) 


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Photos + interview produced by thebharanieffect - our talented photographer is Maclay Heriot. But these photos were taken for us exclusively by Sarah Haywood - thanks Sarah xx