Lauren Ebersol & Heather Seiple are The Inspired Bakers from Los Angeles. They create vegan & gluten free cookies available at Clover Juice Bar locations and markets in the LA area. Mmmm Christmas cookie dough...

Tell us about the Inspired Baker, what inspired you to start ?

The Inspired Baker is a vegan/gluten free cookie company born out of a love of cookies & a passion for creating food that nurtures your body and tastes decadent! Each bag has our business card attached with a different inspirational quote on the back. The idea being, it's a cookies that you can feel good about mentally, physically & spiritually. You should be rewarded for treating your body right!

Why gluten free & vegan? Health reasons or social reason? 

My sister has celiacs which is what opened my eyes to the gluten free world. I became GF by choice 3 years ago and just feel better doing it & Heather and my husband both have wheat sensitivities.

As for vegan, though I don't still practice it I like to eat that way as much as possible especially when it comes to baked goods. And quite honestly if a cookie is GF & vegan I don't feel as bad about eating the inevitable 6 or 7 cookies I'm going to eat regardless of what its made out of :)

What type of flours do you use ? 

We use a blend of different GF flours depending on the cookie

What is your favourite gluten free flour?

Anything Bob's Red Mill

Whats is your stance on refined sugar and what sweeteners do you use? 

We try to steer clear of them as much as we can. Our vegan cookies have no added sugar to them accept for a teensy bit of Vegan fair trade sugar we roll them in before we bake.

What are your top 5 conscious pantry staples for cooking at home? 

Agave(can't get enough), quinoa, tamari, a good bottle of wine and 70% dark chocolate

And your top 5 ingredients at The Inspired Baker?

Bobs, almond milk, flaxseeds, some fun music playing and a lot of love!

Where are your favourite places to go to eat organic, conscious desserts in LA?

The tiramisu at Cafe Gratitude is possibly on the top of my list, Babycakes chocolate donuts refrigerated and the chocolate pudding at True Food Kitchen in Santa Monica. Im a sucker for chocolate pudding.

What are your favourite cookie flavours?

Our peanut butter, pretzel & chocolate chip cookie keeps winning that one for me.


Do you prefer warm cookies straight from the oven or room temp cookies? 

I actually love them frozen. When I was little my grandma used to make the most incredible(not so healthy) chocolate chip cookies and put them in the freezer and I'd eat them straight out of there. Mmmm now I want one.

Where can we find your cookies? 

We currently sell at Clover Juice bar, the Clover Juice bar location at the Churchill and Local 1205 in Venice. We also do the several markets including Sunset Strip and Culver City. We're rapidly adding more places and events which you can learn about by following us on Twitter @InspiredBakerLA or on our website

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Photos + interview produced by thebharanieffect - our talented photographer is Maclay Heriot.