What a crack up these guys are! Humble, hilarious... and above all honest. I loved getting the answers back from founders of Inside Out Nutritious Goods, Anthony & Vuong. Their humour and honesty had me instantly. Apart from that their product of almond milk has been making the rounds on the market scene for quite some time now and then I started seeing it pop up in stores all around, so I just had to chat to the guys and see what the story was.  

Tell us the story on why you decided to start insideoutng? 

 Vuong and Anthony: We wish you asked us about the stories of when we started Inside Out because those stories could go on forever…. But anyway why did we start? The two of us are best mates from our early childhood years and while we were still at uni we wanted to do something different over the summer break and decided to open a juice and smoothie bar at some farmers’ markets - our primary motive being hoping to meet some cute girls. And in case you’re wondering, yes we have met plenty of cute girls, but have we said anything to them? Nope. Too scared.  So that’s how Inside Out started.

Almond milk came along a tiny bit later. At our market stall we want some point of difference and offer a more nutritious alternative to cow and soy milk in our smoothie, ergo almond milk. We tried all the UHT stuff you see in aisles in stores and came to the conclusion that they belonged in the garbage – they were soy bad. Despite how bad the UHT offerings were we decided to stick with almond milk, however; we were going to use our own homemade recipe. We took this product to the markets and the response was surprisingly positive. And here we are now, still struggling, still refining the product, and wondering why people want to interview us…

What is the process your milk goes through to get into the bottle and sold as it is today ? 

Well without giving too much away, we use cold-press techniques to make our raw almond milk. That’s nothing new. Many households make their own almond milk in a similar fashion. Where we come in and offer value is that we do this on a large scale and our germ-killing treatment process is pretty revolutionary in the food tech world. Instead of using Ultra High Temperature (UHT) like our competitors, we employ High Pressure Processing (HPP) as a final step to ensure that our customers consume a safe and as-fresh-as-possible product. HPP is a nonthermal means of killing nasties, so it doesn’t damage the nutritional profile, flavour, texture or freshness of the product. We win and you win.

You started out at the markets and have since progressed into stores and cafes all around - was the fast rise in popularity a surprise? 

For us or our brand? If you’re referring to us then no – everyone loves us. Haha nah in all honesty it’s a yes and no. We knew we had a unique product that had potential to win over Australia’s growing health conscious consumer base so the idea was sound. What was surprising is how quickly we’ve learnt how to run a business. It was really scary for us at the beginning. Also, we were a bit taken aback by how appreciative and supportive our customers have been with regards to what we are doing and trying to accomplish. It was much needed motivation and helped us get through those really rough early mornings when all this started to gain traction.

Is this both yours and Anthony's full time jobs now? What were you doing before ? 

It sure is.

Anthony: I am a fresh law school grad and am doing this full-time and loving it. I would be a horrible lawyer anyway. Before Inside Out and uni I was a professional tennis player but my career was cut short due to a pretty severe motor vehicle accident. *Tears*

Vuong: I’ve deferred this semester from my Nutrition and Dietetics degree because of our growing business but I’ll be returning next year because I’ve worked way too hard and long to let it all go. Good luck Anthony. During my longer-than-usual time at uni I was floating from one casual job to another, doing my best to help my parents and make ends meet.

What is one of your favourite things to do with your milk ? can you please share a recipe with us? 

Anthony: Crack it open and drink it straight from the bottle.

Vuong:Let me have a look in my recipe book… yes, I find my natural space is the kitchen. Hi ladies ;) Chia pudding topped with fresh berries and an all-natural yoghurt.


Whisk 1 cup of Inside Out unsweetened almond milk, 1 cup of all-natural Greek yoghurt, 1 tablespoon of organic honey, 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract, a pinch of sea salt until it is blended smoothly.Then;  Add ¼ cup chia seeds and stir Then; Cover in cling wrap and refrigerate overnight

Next morning; Add into the bowl slivered almonds and distribute this mixture into 4 glasses Then; Top with fresh seasonal berries and a tablespoon of Greek yoghurt.

What are the future plans for insideoutng? 

I’m glad you asked because we are on the verge on launching new products that people will CO-NUTS for…

Without giving too much away (as if we already didn’t), we’re adding to our fresh non-dairy milk range, and releasing a line of single serve products. We are staying true to our model and can assure you that they are of the highest and freshest quality. We are in the final stages of this so please please stay tuned and pounce on them when they are released!

What do you think of the explosion of the organic and health conscious market and what are some of the other local businesses/products you aspire to? 

We think it’s great. We’ve met so many like-minded and amazing people along the way who deserve as much, if not more, attention as us.Honestly, we don’t aspire to become like any other business – we pave our own path. We definitely learn a lot from other businesses but in the end we do what we feel is right.

Why particularly almond milk - and why does that work ? Are there other types of nuts that work for milk that you have or will be experimenting with ? 

Almond milk is the most nutritious dairy alternative – it’s as simple as that, really. What we’ve learnt is that you can pretty much milk anything and everything - for example, you can milk algae! But we are going to stick with what consumers want, even if they don’t know it yet!

Where can we buy your products currently? 

Our largest retailers are Thomas Dux, Harris Farm and Aboutlife, however; there are number of independent health food stores spread across most of Australia that stock our products. Please visit our website to find the nearest stockist to you! And don’t forget about the cafes that use our product! Check them out too.

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Photos + interview produced by thebharanieffect - our talented photographer is Maclay Heriot.