What a beautiful thing when you can combine 2 passions and make it into your livelihood. For Angel & Matt this was exactly the case when they found each other and also intertwined their two loves - music and yoga... together they have created Future Sound Of Yoga and hold unique sessions all around the world. 

Tell us the story of how Future Sound Of Yoga was born? 

We met by chance in 2005 in the dance tent at the Glastonbury Music Festival, UK, while watching the Chemical Brothers.  

The concept came about from the collective fusion of everything that we love in life.. yoga, dancing, great music, DJing, travelling. We would practice yoga together at home whilst listening to music and finding our own flow and rhythms but without effort - it was always natural for us to practice yoga in this way.

The Future Sound of Yoga was officially created in Jan 2010 - we ran an experimental yoga/dance session in Sydney, which fused together our shared passion for movement and cutting edge music. The experience struck a chord with yoga + music lovers alike, providing an alternative night out experience where people could move, dance and connect with each other. 

Since then we have toured extensively around Australia, performing at both music festivals (Peats Ridge, Playground Weekender, Splendour in the Grass) and the major yoga festivals (Byron Spirit, Bodhi, the Phoenix Weekend, Wanderlust). On the international stage, they have been featured at the Bali Spirit Festival, the Hawaii Spirit Festival and the Hong Kong Asia Yoga Conference, as well as in London where they held a weekly Saturday night residency at the Life Centre through the summer of 2011. Today we continue to be based in Sydney running regular events in the city. )

Do you think its important to practice yoga with music ? 

We believe having good music whilst practicing yoga can help take you deeper into the movement as you let go of the thinking mind, allowing you to tune in to your own natural flow.

There may be times where you are tired and need that extra surge of energy which certain songs/tracks can assist with and help you move through your practice and also allowing you to find moments where you can hold poses for longer.

We also receive feedback from attendees at our gigs who have never done yoga before and have found that the Future Sound of Yoga experience was appealing as the music made stepping on to the yoga mat for the first time seem less threatening - it gave them something they could relate to, in turn making it easier to relate to the yoga practice itself.

For you personally what is the best type of music to practice with? 

Depends on the mood and the type of practice we are working with -  With our Future Sound of Yoga events, Matt selects tracks that feels right for each gig, with each one having a different vibe and audience. If its a FIRE session, he might choose more upbeat tunes and stronger beats and if its a FLOW session, its usually more mellow, soothing, ambient tracks.

For people who havent started yoga or are new to it – what are your top 3 tips ? 

1) Find a teacher that you resonate with and a class that you actually enjoy - ask around, do research and check out some different options until you find the one you love

2) Listen to your body and do what you can - I always tell students to modify, to rest when necessary and to honour their bodies throughout the practice

3) Its always good to know the yoga etiquette when entering into a yoga space. For example we practice yoga in bare feet, we make sure all mobile phones and gadgets are off so you can be undisturbed and ensuring you arrive on time or early where possible so you can get to connect with the teacher before class begins.

How important is the type of yoga mat you use and is there any particular type you would recommend? 

Your yoga mat soon becomes a fundamental part of your yoga practice so choosing the right mat is important for the best practice possible. A mat that is too thin can be uncomfortable and those that are too thick can be heavy to carry around with you. Kamuka yoga mats are stunning with beautiful designs and I use these for a more yin or restorative practice where I am holding poses for a long time or in deep relaxation

What about drinking/ eating prior/ after practice – what are your recommendations? 

When practicing yoga, there is a lot of work happening internally especially when twisting and folding forwards, these kind of movements massage the internal organs and abdomen. With that in mind, its best not to eat anything too heavy or a large meal for up to 2 hours before you practice yoga. Definitely opt for a healthy meal after the practice wherever possible. As for drinking, its good to keep hydrated throughout the day by drinking lots of water and especially after a yoga class. 

You have travelled all over the world doing yoga – what are some of the most memorable yoga experiences?

We meet amazing people at every single event and love connecting with new people along the way. We have fond memories of the gigs we did at the Playground Weekender Festival in 2011, the Bali Spirit Festival and the special event we ran in 2013 "Night Creatures" with 600 yogis dressed up in halloween outfits was also a highlight. And of course, taking it back to our mother land and sharing the experience with family and friends in London was a total treat.

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Photos + interview produced by thebharanieffect - our talented photographer is Maclay Heriot.