Apply to attend any event that inspires you to live more consciously.

The Bharani Effect’s aim is to inspire people to live more consciously.

With The Bharani Exchange we will sponsor people to attend conscious living events while at the same time supporting event organisers. It’s the perfect ‘exchange’ to ensure the conscious living movement thrives.

The exchange was set up to help people who wish to attend an event to broaden their knowledge in living a more conscious lifestyle. It helps pay for their tickets for anything from permaculture workshops, raw food classes, yoga retreats, composting workshops, empowering talks and more.

We will also be allocating specific funds to events from our partners Conscious Club, Earth Events & Nourish Melbourne, so check out their websites and see what inspiring events they have coming up if you don't already know what you'd like to do. Otherwise apply for any event that speaks to you !

Thanks to the support of successful organic yoghurt partner, five:am The Bharani Exchange will offer monthly funding to successful applicants. 

*currently only open to residents of Australia... we are working on launching this in the U.S next!

How It Works

Application Period

Applicants submit via website during a funding round appropriate for the date of the event they are applying for.

Funding Round 1 | Sept 17 to Oct 10

Funding Round 2 |  Oct 11 to Nov 1

Funding Round 3 | Nov 2 to Nov 29

Funding Round 4 | Nov 30 to Jan 3 

Funding Round 5 | Jan 4 to Feb 11

Award Period

Successful applicants will be contacted for each funding round by the dates below. For more on how we award read our terms & conditions.

Round 1 Announce | Oct 15 

Round 2 Announce | Nov 5 

Round 3 Announce | Dec 5 

Round 4 Announce | Jan 12 

Round 5 Announce |  Feb 17 

What You'll Receive

The Bharani Exchange will purchase tickets to the event you applied for on your behalf. 

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