The gorgeous Emily Katz. Like many of these profiles I discovered through instagram. I was liking all her beautiful creations and journeys that became like a heart beat on my phone. I then finally got to meet her at Spirit Weavers gathering where she was teaching a macrame class and it was like an instant jolt of smiles that left my soul singing for days. Macrame maven, soul-journey traveller, seeker of the world, the wild & the woman - Emily is one inspirational conscious being living her full creative expression and sharing it with us all. So incredibly grateful for meeting you and being able to share a weave of your world with everyone ! Sign up to Emily's email list to know when she's doing workshops in your town (she seriously travels all over) or join the Conscious City Guide curated conscious events guide where we'll also be featuring Emily's upcoming events!

Tell us how you started on your journey to macrame ? 

I was visiting my mom in Connecticut after not seeing her for many years. I knew she had made macrame plant hangers to sell in the 1970's to buy a guitar. I figured if she could teach me something and we could make a craft together, that the trip would go more smoothly.  After that experience I hung the planters up in our guest bathroom and forgot about them. I made some as gifts, but it wasn't until some Japanese magazine editors came over to interview us for a DIY Portland feature that I realized that I could teach people how to do this. 

For those who don't know it's history - can you give us a brief lesson of where it started ? 

Macrame originated in the 13th century and has been documented in North Africa and then traveling to Spain. There is also knot work from Japan and China that resembles macrame. Sailors spent their free time tying knots, and macrame's popularity boomed in the 1960's when many children learned it in school. 

Why do you think its popularity has resurged recently ? 

People want desperately to work with their hands, to get back to nature, to feel connected to something that is  not a screen. I think the texture and material of macrame really helps bring people into their bodies in a different way. Plus it is so pretty.

How have you incorporated your own lifestyle and connection to the earth in your art & creative life ? 

Everything is always connected. Even though the feeling of connection varies. Sometimes I feel very connected. Like when I go for walks, even if it is raining. Or when I cook a beautiful meal for people I love. And at other times I feel far away from it. The most important thing as a creative person is to remember there are beautiful MAGNIFICENT highs, and crazy dark lows, and there is where the magic happens.  My macrame business has been an incredible way to meet wonderful people and share my vision and dreams with the world. 

What is next for your creative vision ? 

I dream of making macramé costumes for Beyonce. also I am collaborating on a Macrame and Meditation retreat that will happen this fall in Joshua Tree. I am VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS! 

What do you think about creativity as its own entity and its relationship to showing your true self ? 

Like Simon and Garfunkel said when singing Cecilia, "You're breaking my heart". My dad always told me that song was about inspiration. I think inspiration has to break your heart in order for it to come to you. It's a big rush feeling that you can't ignore. A feeling that takes total control of you. I have always had a strong connection to my creativity.

Are there any new exciting projects coming up that you can share with us ? 

I am working on some big things that I can't share yet, but for now, just keeping on the teaching and travel train, setting up my studio in Portland, and getting back to knotting. I have some really big ideas for things I want to make...I also am working on launching photo books of my travels, so instead of scrolling through my images online, you can buy a little book that is a visual diary and hold something beautiful in your hands...


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Photos + interview produced by thebharanieffect - our talented photographer is Maclay Heriot.