With 2015 well and truly under-way I continue to find and experience a more conscious existence creeping into contemporary culture. WHICH IS SUPER AWESOME! Just look at all the organic, cold-pressed juice or smoothie stores, greater hunger for knowledge about alternative & natural medicine and therapy and overall questioning on what is on your plate - how it ended up there, how it was grown or raised and being informed so you can make a conscious choice knowing what effect it will have on your body, those who have worked to put it on your plate and as well as those who farmed it and then back how that feeds back into the earth. You see, #weareone #organic #cleaneating are not just hip hashtags. It's not something that will go away, its part of our existence and understanding of how we are all deeply interconnected. I am so grateful there are so many options for us today to choose to live more sustainably. I'm also grateful that all these options are now brought into context of cities and the cool, city-dwelling inhabitants that live in them. Alissa & Sabrina are part of spearheading this new type of existence with their cafe DIMES NYC. The entire alternative-health, organic, holistic industry is well into the best natural facelift (ever!) which is appealing to more people and inspiring a whole new way of living for generations to come. 

Tell us about the philosophy behind Dimes? 

Alissa: Sabrina and I created Dimes as a home away from home.  Someplace where you could eat everyday and not get bored.  We are very passionate about elevating a wellness focused menu to a more contemporary level.

What were you both doing before this ? 

Alissa: I waited tables and worked back of house at a number of New York restaurants including Five Leaves and The Smile.

Sabrina: I was also working in restaurants, Northern Spy and Lovely Day to name a few.

And what led you to dreaming and opening up Dimes ? 

Alissa: I was tired of working for other people when I had so many of my own ideas to put into the world.  I also wanted to get back to a more hands-on creative place, designing the menu and creating new dishes. 

Sabrina: The vision was so pure it was only a matter of having it come into fruition.

You sell body products that you make also, tell us about those? 

Sabrina: I've always been interested in herbs and their medicinal properties.  Its started as a hobby and eventually I packaged them to sell.  We make a lip balm, salt scrub and rose water spray.  Everythings organic and all the ingredients are sourced from an amazing farm in Oregon called Mountain Rose Herbs.

How did the interests intertwine with  putting nourishing / good food in your body as well as beautiful products on your body ? 

Alissa: It’s true that good health starts from within, but your skin is one big absorbent organ….everything you put on your outside is making its way in.  So it just makes sense that the ingredients in your beauty products should have as much integrity as what you are eating. 

What are your top 3 tips for people who live in the city to start thinking & living more consciously ? 

Alissa: Carry a cool Dimes tote instead of using plastic bags,  eat at Dimes, call your mom. 

What do you think your customers love about Dimes ? 

Alissa: The menu is fresh and exciting, the atmosphere is relaxed and fun, and we know our customers by name. 

Sabrina: Our employees 

What are some of your other favourite conscious spots to visit in NYC ? 

El Rey,  Northern Spy,  Saltie, Diner, Allswell

Visit Dimes NYC: 


143 Division Street, New York, NY 10002

Photos + interview produced by thebharanieffect - our talented photographer is Maclay Heriot