June 18


WHAT:  Conscious Club Presents Good Vibrations

DATE:  Thursday 26 June

MORE: Conscious Club social times have long been known as the place to mix with kindred souls…but they just got a whole lot better!

Quantum physics has revealed that everything in the universe is made up of energy. All material things, including our bodies, are made up of a hierarchy of vibrational frequencies. Given the hectic nature of our busy lives it’s very easy for us to end up “out of tune”. So for this very special event we are doing something truly unique- ‘Good Vibrations’ - where we will be orchestrating a massive vibrational experience that will leave you buzzing!
The main feature of the night will be Matt Omo leading us through a transformational sound immersion using a variety of instruments including didjeridoo and Tibetan ancient techniques to create a powerful 60 minute experience called Soul Vibing. 
You will be guided on a powerful journey to quiet the mind, release stress and experience expanded consciousness.

Plus enjoy some awesome tunes in our social time from Dusty boots and tales from ROAR, our musical act for the night. They travel the world and live in their van spreading Good Vibrations. 
Contribute to the giant mandala being created by Rhiana Jade an inspirational artist passionate about design and nature.
Nibble on raw chocolates from Loco Love, sip on ayurvedic teas.
Hang around and connect with new conscious friends, laugh and share your experiences and feed your soul. 

Think up a great idea of how you can use Conscious Currency, the new giving economy…
Bring a yoga mat and blanket or towel, wear warm comfortable clothing - shavasana, is the only yoga pose you will need for the night -lying flat on your back!!
Space is limited don’t miss out on all the Good Vibrations - book now!


WHAT:  Talk N Tea - Zero Waste Kitchen

DATE:  Saturday 20 June

MORE: As part of our project 'Newtown Eats' we demonstrate through a variety of activities how we can all lower our environmental impact with the right food choices. 

'Food waste avoidance at home' is a morning of sharing knowledge and experience in keeping our daily food and cooking routine low impact. Our facilitator will explain why it is important to plan your meals ahead, how food preparation and storage can minimise your food waste and why leftovers are not to be left over.



WHAT:  Twilight Evenings w/ Catie Gett @ The Staple Store

DATE:  Tuesday 23 June

MORE:  We get that when you walk into a health food shop it can be a little intimidating.  There are all of these crazy looking, smelling foods with un-pronouncable names.  You know they've got to be healthy for you, right? but how do you use them? what do they taste like? And do they do everything that everybody says they do?  I'm actually not just qualified to tell you, but I am seriously excited to as well.  They will be held after hours from 7:00 to 9:00, lots of snacking and a chocolate or two as well.  Who's in? 

The cost of the night is $20 it includes yummy treats, taste testers and heaps of information.  The nights will be small and intimate so that you all have a chance to ask personal questions and enjoy personalised shopping experiences.  If however, you spend over $100 on the night we'll give you back the cost of the ticket.  We want you to be ready to ask questions, take notes and leave the nights more informed about using whole foods to improve your health and the health of your family.  


WHAT: 1 Giant Mind Mass Meditation & App Launch

DATE:  Tuesday 23 June

MORE: You’re invited to the 1 Giant Mind mass meditation at Ms Collins in Melbourne. We are celebrating the launch of our new ‘Learn to Meditate’ app... a whole new program and user experience we've developed that we can’t wait to share with you! Join 300 likeminded people for a mass meditation, live music, feasting, DJ's, great conversations and new friends.

The event will start with live music (special guest TBA!) followed by a mass meditation facilitated by 1 Giant Mind co-founder Jonni Pollard. We will then share in a delicious dinner from Lentil as Anything and a social hangout. You don’t have to know how to meditate as Jonni will instruct the group in the simple and easy 1 Giant Mind meditation technique.

On the night we’ll have our organic cold-pressed meditation juice ‘Radiant Light’ – a collaboration between Greene Street Juice and 1 Giant Mind. We’ll also have Shoku Iku selling their delicious raw cakes for dessert, Grateful Harvest pouring fresh kombucha from the bar and Chai Walli serving up hot fresh chai! (Cash only)

We flourish solely through the support of donors and every dollar from the ticket proceeds, along with profits from all sales on the night will go towards the execution of our key programs across meditation, education, research, and event activation. Thank you for being a part of 1 Giant Mind.

If you want to know more about 1 Giant Mind and what we do, like us on Facebook and download our free 1 Giant Mind learn to meditate app available on both iPhone and Android… the new release will be out very soon!



WHAT:  Soul Retrieval Ceremony w/ Puakai Healing

DATE:  July 27 + 28 - BOOK NOW!

MORE:  Welcome friends, please join us from near and far for a relaxing 2-day ceremonial class/retreat for those who feel called to open into the deep healing of their soul and nourish their body with the healing foods of Mother Earth. A sacred circle of six women, representing the six directions - South, West, North, East, Below (Pachamama) and Above (Cosmos). Join us as we learn about the native ceremony of soul retrieval and remember our birthright. Each individual will receive a Soul Retrieval Ceremony and Soul Remembering. Together we will explore our inner garden as the heartbeat of Mother Earth takes us into an altered state on a Shamanic Drum Journey. Through this newfound wisdom and expanded perception, we will release the past through the creation of a driftwood Talisman and plant seeds that represent the flowers - of our heart, our dreams, our visions, our spirit. Come together as we support one another in community, as a soul family, coming home to the truth and divine essence that lives within us.

We will gather in a beautiful, modern treehouse nestled in the woods of Amagansett, New York. Lunch will be lovingly prepared by Heather of Eat Real Food using locally sourced, seasonal nourishment. If you are traveling from a distance and interested in staying on the grounds, we are offering 2 nights stay with 6 meals included (breakfast, lunch + dinner). Before and after class, enjoy a nature walk, a soak in the pool and Earth-friendly accommodations in the heart of the Hamptons. This ceremony is open to 6 women. Please bring: water bottle, blanket/mat/pillows to lay on, journal & writing instrument and any personal, sacred items for our altar. 

Soul retrieval is an individual ceremony to call back soul pieces that have left us and traveled to Pachamama for protection. It is believed that when we suffer shock from an emotional or physical trauma a part of our soul, our light essence, flees the body in order to survive the experience. This ceremony is for individuals who seek to live in wholeness and spiritual harmony, to live in alignment with their souls path and remember the gifts they were born with. This ceremony was passed onto Maggie through the lineage of the Qero Indians of Peru and the modern-day teachings of her mentor and teacher, Sandra Ingerman. This ceremony involves the use of native sound including drum, rattle and bells and the smoke of sacred plant spirit, Palo Santo. To learn more, Soul Retrieval Ceremony


WHAT:  Introduction to Chinese Tea

DATE:  Monday 22 June

MORE:  Are you curious about tea but not sure where to get started? In this small-sized class, you will learn everything about the tea plant, its history, and the differences between the six types of tea: Green, Yellow, White, Wu Long, Red, and Black After tasting these six teas, we’ll explore the many misconceptions around caffeine and organic certifications. We will also explain the ins and outs of teaware, including what each piece is used for, as well as tea drinking etiquette and traditions.



WHAT:  The Shine 

DATE:  Wednesday 24 June

MORE:  The Shine's mission is to use music, film, philanthropy and storytelling to inspire people to do more, give more, and be more.

We are an all-volunteer organization. 100% of your ticket purchase goes towards our event costs, and the Shine On Challenge.


WHAT:  Composting With Worms

DATE:  Saturday 18 July - Book Now

MORE: Divert waste from the landfill and create nutrient rich compost for your plants. Learn the basics of odor and pest free vermicomposting for any size home!

Home produced kitchen food scraps make up almost 15% of the U.S. waste stream! (measured in pounds of waste and not accounting for the water, energy and other natural, financial and human resources involved in the production and treatment of wasted food). This waste stream amounts to 20% of landfill-caused methane, a gas that is produced by improper decomposition and that has a 25 times higher impact on climate change than carbon dioxide.

Composting is the simplest most environmental solution to inevitable home kitchen food waste! Anyone can implement it at their home. Vermicomposting, composting with worms, produces the best quality compost (worm castings, vermicompost or “garden black gold”) in a relatively fast time. It is easy, cheap, odor free, pest free, sustainable, and can be done inside the house also! In the garden, vermicompost is used for soil fertility, plant vibrancy, and pest management. 

If every household in the U.S. would vermicopmost kitchen food scraps for one year, a quarter of the U.S. agricultural compost needs would meet for that year!

Join us to learn how to transform kitchen food scraps into the best organic fertilizer for your plants! In this workshop you will learn:

  • Important food waste problems and solutions that impact us all
  • Basics of various composting methods, structures and compost uses
  • In-depth effective vermicomposting, including small-scale and large-scale operations

Participants will take home composting worms, and have the opportunity to purchase The Ecology Center inexpensive worm bins to start a zero food waste zone at their home!



WHAT:  Meet May Lindstorm

When: Saturday 27 June

MORE: Step into a celebration of your individual beauty and join us for evening drinks and conversation at Content on June 27th.

May will be sharing her own personal ritual, and creating an intimate space to guide you step-by-step towards discovering your most radiant skin. 

With her delightful and indulgent approach to loving self-care, May Lindstrom's decadent skin-care rituals allow you to create the time and space for the personal connection you deserve. 

This is a standing room only event. Cold-pressed organic juices will be kindly be provided by Radiance Cleanse.

To Book: Numbers are strictly limited so please email help(at)beingcontent.comPlease include you contact number in the email. No bookings are taken via phone.

WHAT:  Furniture Upcycling Workshop

DATE:  Thursday 25 June 

MORE: Want to transform a small item of wooden furniture and give it a new lease of life? Do you like being creative? Then this course will help you with some simple skills such as stencilling, painting or decoupage which can be used to improve an item of furniture. 

The workshop will start with a short discussion about how you can make the most of your furniture or pass it on for reuse. The majority of the workshop will be a practical session where you will get to upcycle a small item of furniture using simple techniques. The workshops are being run with Bexley Adult Education and their tutor will be running the practical part of the workshop. 

This workshop is for Bexley residents over 18 only.

Please make sure you provide a phone number and your address when you sign up. Please do not worry about printing your ticket.