May 21


WHAT:  Organic Gardening Basics

DATE:  Saturday 27 June


This one day course is for the absolute beginner gardener. Do you dream of having your own organic garden to grow food at home, but you’re not sure how to begin?

We’ve created this course because not everyone knows instinctively how to garden, and that’s fine. Clearly what’s needed then is a really good, absolute beginners course. So we’ve made one.

By the end of this course you’ll have the basics of garden design, soil, vegetable growing and seed saving covered.

And you’ll be ready to go home, get your kit together, design your patch, break ground, and start growing beautiful organic food at your place.

In this workshop you’ll learn the basics of:

  • Garden design

  • Basic botany: the key food plant families
  • Annual vegetables – what they need
  • Perennial vegetables – what they need
  • Soil preparation and soil health
  • Starting off – seed & seedling purchasing
  • Propagation: seed raising, transplanting, direct seeding
  • Maintenance: feeding, mulching, irrigation
  • Garden ecology: pests and diseases – prevention + treatment
  • Nutrient cycling – options, how they work, which to use at your place
  • The fundamentals of crop rotation
  • The importance of pollinators
  • Harvesting techniques for different plant groups
  • Seedsaving techniques for different plant groups


WHAT:  Films For Change | Love Thy Nature - Movie, Chocolate Tasting, Live Music & Dinner

DATE:  Thursday 21 May

MORE: Love Thy Nature is a cinematic immersion into the beauty and intimacy of our relationship with the natural world. Narrated by Liam Neeson, Love Thy Nature is a cinematic immersion into the beauty and intimacy of our relationship with the natural world. With mesmerizing artistry and fascinating details, the film explores how nature nourishes us. While our environmental crisis threatens the very survival of our species, a renewed connection with nature holds the key to a highly advanced new era.



WHAT:  Raw Food Gets Sexy

DATE:  Tuesday 2 June

MORE: Open to women only, this dinner event will get you thinking about your body on a level different to the usual way we do. We talk about food, we talk about exercise, we talk about what we put on our bodies, but the way we understand sexual anatomy and pleasure is often swept aside. Vanessa Muradian, Sexologist and Founder and Owner of Mia Muse, is taking the taboo out of sexual wellness, and is using her knowledge to inspire and empower other women.

During this dinner event, amongst a two course raw-food, organic dinner by the talented Yoko of Shokuiku, and in a female only, supportive and nourishing environment, Vanessa will speak to you about:

  • Arousal anatomy
  • Orgasms and pleasure
  • Sex as part of wellness, prioritising sensuality and eroticism to feel alive regardless of your relationship status
  • Plus there will also be plenty of time for your questions to be answered.


WHAT: Food For Life - Secrets from an Insider with Scott Kenner

DATE:  Monday 25 May

MORE: Scott Kinnear is the owner of Organic Wholefoods in Fitzroy, Brunswick and Flemington. Scott originally trained in Agricultural Science at Melbourne University where he majored in biochemistry. For the last twenty four years has been embedded in the organic food movement. He founded and still runs Organic Wholefoods, which has two stores in Melbourne. He was the former and founding Chair of the Organic Federation of Australia, former director of Biological Farmers of Australia, former Chair of the Centre for Education and Research in Environmental Strategies (CERES). Scott helped found both the Safe Food Institute and Foundation established to research and work to help make the World’s food supply clean, safe, nutritious, full of taste and produced in a way that enhances our environment, as well as our social and economic systems.



WHAT:  Natural Dye Workshop

DATE:  Tuesday 26 May

MORE:  This natural dye workshop will introduce participants to the colorful world of natural dye plants, many of which are dual purpose edibles and have herbal/medicinal properties as well!  We will cover a wide range of natural dye basics such as mordanting, color extraction, and historical context in this workshop.

There are many different ways to apply natural dyes, from total,  uniform immersion to ombre dyeing to more precise shibori techniques. In this class, you’ll learn the unique, free form technique of bundle dyeing using fresh, locally grown and foraged dyestuffs.  We’ll talk about different materials you can find growing wild in the region, as well as some easy dye plants to cultivate at home.

Liz Spencer, The Dogwood Dyer, will show us her favorite ways to apply natural dye materials for brilliant, dynamic results.  What’s more, you’ll learn techniques and actions that set her practice apart from other natural colorists, focusing on sustainability and environmental resiliency.

You’ll be amazed at the colors attainable by using only plants and minerals!

Each participant will leave with a large bundle dyed silk scarf, resources lists and instructional guide on how to repeat the process at home

No previous dyeing experience necessary!


WHAT:  Greenpoint Cleanup Day in McGolrick Park

DATE:  Saturday 30 May

MORE:  Over the next three years, the Curb Your Litter: Greenpoint project of the Greenpoint Chamber of Commerce will address our neighborhood’s problem of trash on our streets and sidewalks and in our parks and waterways.

Get involved by joining us at our first clean up event on Saturday, May 30 in partnership with the McGolrick Park Neighborhood Alliance

Volunteers will have the opportunity to suggest locations for the placement of new trash cans, collect data to help diagnose the sources of our litter problem, and learn more about our community’s upcoming involvement in the NYC Department of Sanitation’s Organics Collection Program.  We expect some of our elected officials to join us, and hope you will too.



WHAT:  Dirt & Dinner

DATE:  Sunday 24 May

MORE:  A kick off to a series of Dirt and Dinner events that will reconnect the participant with the Earth while inspring creativty and innovation. Hands-on workshops will teach how to install a home garden as well as how to easily make home compost. After a hard days work the stomach will no doubt be rumbling, and for that Chef BeLive will present his most excellent organic, raw, vegan cuisine which will not disapoint and leave you feeling lifted. 

Come make memories over the long weekend by giving yourself the gift of truly connecting to those around you and the ground below you. 

Family friendly so all little ones are welcome for free! 

Schedule of Events:

4:00 - Event Begins

4:30-5:30 - Garden Installation Demo

5:30-6:30 - Compost Demo

7:00-8:30 - Chef BeLive organic dinner



WHAT:  Buckskin Medicine Bags w/ Amy Woodruff

DATE:  Saturday 30 May (San Diego) 

MORE:  Many have begun to speak about the importance of walking in beauty. Traditionally, Beauty was defined not as relating to aesthetics, but as a felt inner experience of balance, harmony, and reciprocity. In this 3 hour workshop, Amy Woodruff, director of the Spirit Weavers Gathering, will be joining us in our San Diego temple space to lead an afternoon of sharing about the practice of making offerings as a way of honoring all that we receive from the natural world. Each participant will create their own individual and unique medicine bag to hold their prayers and offerings. Each medicine bag will be made using high quality brain tanned buckskin hides made from roadkill. We will finish off the medicine bags with seed beads and other natural treasures gathered from the earth, and complete our creation with a guided  meditation infusing our love and intentions into our pouches.

Amy has studied beading with various Native American teachers and learned to tan her own hides through Primitive Skills Gatherings. She is honored to be sharing these ancient skills with our local community.



WHAT:  Earthtalks Connect - London 2015

When: Thursday 28 May


NEONGREEN NETWORK, Ākāśa Innovation and Impact Hub Westminster are thrilled to welcome the EARTHtalks to London for the first time! After growing in Vienna over the past seven years to become the environmental event in Austria with over 700 guests and incredible speakers, we can now bring the EARTHtalks to you in London.

Join us at Impact Hub Westminster for an evening full of inspiration. Our climate-friendly climate conference will kick off at 6:00pm BST (registration opens at 5:30pm) and we will be live streaming the talks directly from Vienna. We will hear from Dr. Robert Bullard, professor, author, activist and the father of environmental justice and Sarah Wiener, TV cook and activist for "Save our Soils". We will host a special live keynote in London with Mac Macartney, public speaker, author and founder of Embercombe. We will close the talks with an organic buffet reception. 


WHAT:  Guided Reiki Meditation w/ Grandmaster Teacher Mohan

DATE:  Wednesday 27 May

MORE: This group meditation is specifically designed to bring awareness and strengthen old patterns embedded deep in our consciousness.

Patterns that subconsciously inhibit an individual from living life spontaneously, like a 'Knee jerk reaction' to situations in our daily lives.

These patterns are known as Sanskaras. Negative Sanskaras hold us back. Positive ones help us to move towards our goals. Let's empower that process in this meditation.

Mohan's meditations are extremely powerful, transformative and provide assistance in making meaningful shifts in the lives of the meditator.

These series of meditations are such as they are empowered by Energy (Reiki) and assist the participants to move towards their personal goals. This has been the sharing and feedback from the participants .

No ordinary meditations....because YOU are no ordinary person.

We will be doing a guided meditation that intends to empower the 5 elements of the body/aura and thus empowering areas in our life that need it right now.