April 8


WHAT:  Restorative Masterclass with Leonie Mosdell & Dom Morabito

DATE:  Saturday 18 April

MORE:  Surrender yourself to 2 hours of restorative yoga for stress, anxiety & to quieten the monkey mind.

Be guided into total bliss, as Leonie walks you through each posture with clear instruction & guided meditation, enabling you to relax and go deeper into relaxation.

Complementing Leonie, will be Dom's deep, earthy, live guitar that will flow in and out during the restorative master class...taking you on a journey far away from today's stresses.

What Restorative yoga is good for:

    Heal the effects of chronic stress

    Recovering from stress or illness

    Balances hormones & energy levels

Quietens the monkey mind


WHAT:  Nourish Talks - Autumn

DATE:  Thursday 16 April

MORE:  On a rooftop just moments away from the buzz of Kings Cross there's a lush rooftop garden that's enriching the lives of those in need by providing organically-grown produce, horticultural therapy, education programs and volunteering opportunities. And in April, the rooftop welcomes you to its newest initiative – Nourish Talks. It's an evening curated to uplift and inspire. Educator and media personality Clarence Slockee from the Royal Botanic Gardens & Domain Trust will share indigenous knowledge about Sydney’s seasons. You’ll enjoy drinks and canapes on the rooftop, handcrafted from garden-grown and other local ingredients. You’ll mingle with old and new friends in a unique setting.



WHAT:  Raw Desserts Workshop with Sadhana Kitchen

DATE:  Sunday 17 May

MORE:  Raw food is fast becoming a foodie and health sensation, but what the fork is raw food?! Raw foods are made from organic wholefoods and are prepared in a multitude of creative ways to produce delicious and nutritious dishes. The food is kept below the temperature at which most enzymes are lost (approximately 40 – 46°C). Raw foods are consumed the way nature intended, without diminishing essential nutrients such as the vitamins, minerals and other proteins that degrade or become destroyed when heated at higher temperatures.


WHAT:  VENT by InsideOut

DATE:  Saturday 11 April

MORE:  At InsideOut we want everyone to live life on their terms. To pursue the things they can't stop thinking about and to stare fear in the face and help them walk through it. It brings us an immense amount of joy to be able to bring incredible speakers, entreprenuers and people who are incredibly passionate about helping humanity to you. Jeffrey Slayter has been doing this for many years and has helped me personally no end in the short time I have known him.



WHAT:  The Seed : MARKET

DATE:  Saturday 18 April

MORE: At our monthly pop-up market you will: 

    TASTE a vast market of yummy food & drinks.

    DISCOVER new and amazing products and service from local businesses.

    GET INSPIRED by fantastic chefs giving cooking demonstrations, incredible keynote speakers (renowned doctors, nutritionists and professional athletes) sharing their expertise, and peaceful morning yoga sessions.

    EXPERIENCE the ultimate plant-based, cruelty-free and eco-friendly lifestyle.

    Furthermore, every month a different charity partner will be benefiting.

Our vision for The Seed : MARKET is to create a place that brings together the best local plant-based, cruelty-free and eco-friendly businesses. Today there are so many new and amazing products and services on the market that people just don’t know about. The plant-based lifestyle is one of the fastest growing movements today in the U.S. And, NYC is one of the key cities of this movement.


WHAT:  Fun with Flora and Fauna

DATE:  Thursday 7 May

MORE:  Drop in for an afternoon of hands-on activities and eco-crafts that celebrate the wonders of spring. You and your child will learn about beneficial critters, like worms and ladybugs, personalize your own terra cotta pots, and learn how to transplant flowers. Just in time for Mother’s Day, your child can create the perfect gift for the special mothers and grandmothers in their life. Materials provided.



WHAT:  Athleta + MindBodyGreen Present: Primal Yoga with Liz Arch

DATE:  Sunday 12 April

MORE:  Primal Yoga is a dynamic yoga and martial arts fusion style created by Liz Arch. It merges Vinyasa yoga with the artistry of Kung Fu and the grace of Tai Chi into an athletic, heat-building flow, while focusing on alignment, balance, strength, power, and flexibility.


WHAT:  Eating for Energy

DATE:  Wednesday 22 April

MORE:  Interested in boosting energy for your on-the-go lifestyle, or athletic performance? Learn to fuel and recalibrate your body with clean, plant-based foods to support your goals. 

Paige Snyder is a plant-based nutritionist and educator at Vega. She specializes in sport performance, stress management, and achieivng your optimal weight. Paige is currently completing her Masters in Nutrition from the Unversity of Bridgeport and loves to develop raw dessert recipes. 



WHAT:  Moody Mango - gourmet raw food pop up supper

DATE:  Tuesday 28 April

MORE:  Moody Mango host their third "pop up" dining experience at the Black Cat Cafe Clapton on 28th April. 

Come and indulge in some highly vibrational, delicious and medicinal food.

The dinner will be three course followed by a superfood elixir drink.

Everything is raw vegan and gluten free with locally sourced ingredients.

The menu is designed and prepared by raw food chef Francesca Paz and Nutritionist Jenny Creedon

Experience a true heaven of wellness, conscious living and connection.

Menu will be announced soon



DATE:  Thursday 30 April

MORE:  At Secret Urban Escape we like to mix things up, so you can expect something different from each event. Some might make you #SWEAT, #RELAX, #MOVE and so much more. At Rocket 'n' Raw you will: #SWEAT

Come and join us for a yoga class in a converted Victorian warehouse that will get you moving, sweating, twisting and breathing. Kathryn Fielding will guide you through a challenging and high intensity rocket yoga class, accompanied by an uplifting soft house soundtrack to enhance your workout. After class, it’s time to relax with a delicious raw supper with lots of fingerlicking good plant-based dishes - served by Well and Happy. We believe it’s the perfect way to spend your Thursday evening.