March 26


WHAT:  Wholehearted Living | A Special 3-Day Retreat with Seane Corn

DATE:  Friday 8 May

MORE:  For the first time, world-renowned yoga instructor Seane Corn is presenting a special three-day retreat in Australia. Through yoga instruction, dialogue, meditation, live music and community you will learn how to integrate new ways of living a more authentic and wholehearted life. During this retreat you will also examine the thoughts, emotions and behaviours that are holding you back from living your best life. Whether you're an experienced yogi or brand new to the practice, this retreat will allow you to return home rested, renewed and inspired to engage more fully in your life - authentically.


WHAT:  Films For Change: 'THE WOUND & THE GIFT' - Film | Sound bath | Talks | Expo

DATE:  Saturday 28 March

MORE:  Join us for a healing, rejuvenating and inspiring night of film, talks, sound therapy, and cruelty-free expo! This event is for anyone who has ever rescued an animal, or been rescued by one! The Wound and The Gift explores the major transformation in our relationship with animals through the growing “Rescue” movement. All over the world, people are saving the lives of animals that were bred for profit, abused, or sold on the black market. Millions of us are adopting dogs and cats from shelters, rather than buying pets from breeders and pet stores. Many people devote their lives to providing sanctuaries and shelters for rescued animals. By caring for wounded animals in need, we are learning just how much animals also give back to those who care for them.



WHAT:  Worm farming for kids (and adults too!)

DATE:  Tuesday 14 April

MORE:  We’ll teach you to build a worm farm from recycled materials as well how to set up and manage the type of worm farms that are commonly for sale. You’ll be able to make organic fertiliser for free and kids will get to take home slithery pet worms too!


WHAT:  VENT by InsideOut

DATE:  Saturday 11 April

MORE:  At InsideOut we want everyone to live life on their terms. To pursue the things they can't stop thinking about and to stare fear in the face and help them walk through it. It brings us an immense amount of joy to be able to bring incredible speakers, entreprenuers and people who are incredibly passionate about helping humanity to you. Jeffrey Slayter has been doing this for many years and has helped me personally no end in the short time I have known him.



WHAT:  Brooklyn and the Bees: Talk and Taste with Borough Bees

DATE:  ThursdaY 23 April

MORE:  You’ve heard of urban gardening, but have you heard of urban beekeeping? Timothy O’Neal and Shelly Fank of Borough Bees gives us the history behind this increasingly popular enterprise that is quickly joining the illustrious ranks of Brooklyn-made gastronomy, and learn about the role of honeybees and other pollinators in our local, national, and global food systems. The talk is followed by deliciously sweet tastings, featuring raw honeys, both varietal and local.



DATE:  Sunday 29 March

MORE:  Join Queen Afua and friends for an afternoon of Yoga In The Park. Men will work with get to do Ra Yoga. Women will get to do Womb Yoga. To culminate, Queen will lead a Co-Ed Meditation. Musical backdrop with be provided by Nadi with The Golden Flute. 



WHAT:  Temple Days - LIB Pre-Party

DATE:  Sunday 3 May

MORE:  Come taste, practice, learn, share, indulge in what a most delectable day IS at the Lucent Temple of Consciousness at Lightning in a Bottle. On Sunday, May 3rd, we bring the arc of this story we create out there and deliver it here to downtown los angeles where YOU the seeker enters one way and exits noticeably more nourished, supported, inspired and loved ~ in short, TRANSFORMED. From 11am to 11pm this urban retreat will be a 12 hour day held at the beautiful new restaurant and social space the Springs LA in downtown Los Angeles. Our FULL day will be comprised of the following offerings:  opening ceremony, mind expanding meditations, yoga, breathwork, interactive workshops, delicious raw organic vegan meals by the springs, keynote speaker, soul shaking movement & dance classes, provocative councils, men & womens circles, illuminating live performance, ecstatic dance, djs, musicians, art, vendors, and a closing ceremony.


WHAT:  OneTaste Los Angeles: How To OM Course

DATE:  Saturday 11 April

MORE:  OM (Orgasmic Meditation) is a simple way for people to practice their orgasm. It’s like….yoga for your orgasm. And, the more you do this practice, the more you feel. The day-long How to OM Course is the perfect way to learn the basics of the practice of OM and the philosophy behind OneTaste’s signature practice. Spend the day with two Certified OneTaste instructors.




DATE:   1 – 4 MAY

MORE:  The Mind Body Spirit Festival is back! And this time it brings with it the fresh air of Wellbeing. Yes! The Mind Body Spirit London Wellbeing Festival has arrived. Yes it's a lot of words but then it's a whole lot of Festival. Featuring the Mantra Lounge, The Krishna Pop up Temple, The Love Dome, The Pop Up Temple, an experiential art space, Inspiral Cafe, a free stage with over 30 hours of music and interactive live experiences, the Wellbeing Studio, and over 100 cutting edge exhibitors and therapists. Add to that 42 hours of workshops presented by some of the world’s greatest thought leaders and teachers.


WHAT:  Raw Foods for Everyday Beginners Class with Full Dinner

DATE:  Tuesday 31 March

MORE:  Are you overwhelmed and confused when it comes to healthy eating? Think doing it at home is boring and unattainable? Want to see what's all the fuss about Raw Foods? Join the most popular raw foods class in London and plant the seeds to learn in the simplest, tastiest ways how you can do it at home without any fancy equipment or time consuming activities. Most people after attending this class implement at least one of the principles discussed and create sustainable change in their lives. Spring time is the best time to start introducing more living foods as you are in tune with nature and your body's natural transitioning mechanism. If you want more energy, better health, weight loss(and control!) and you love tasty food join me for an entertaining session with full dinner served at the underground juice factory in Mayfair - Raw Press, to learn how to make your health and energy Second Nature!