March 19


WHAT:  Sustainably Living Off The Grid & Healthy Life Family Day

DATE:  Wednesday 15 April

MORE:  Do you have a passion to make a positive difference in the footprints that you and your family leave on the world? Are you interested in growing your own fresh healthy produce in your backyard, on the balcony or indoors? Do you love meeting others who are passionate about sustainability, organics, healthy lifestyles? Do you enjoy a great relaxing day to chill out in our beautiful Australian countryside? If any of this resonates with you then this event is for you and your family. We are running this event to highlight sustainable and healthy living. The location is set on a beautiful 9 acre property which gives you plenty of room to pull up a picnic rug and chill out or go explore. The event is about bringing together passionate people and to inspire others to make a positive difference not only to their lives and those within it but also to this beautiful world we call home. The Event is supported by Sprouting Good a registered Charity helping homeless youth through Sustainable Farming programs. All money raised goes to helping fund the programs.


WHAT:  Workshop: Essentials of Vegan Nutrition

DATE:  Saturday 21 March

MORE:  Latest studies have proven that a vegan diet is healthy for everyone, and can even help ward off major diseases like obesity, heart disease and cancer. Its also of course kinder to the animals and our environment! Come and find out how to have a healthy vegan diet and get all the essential information that you need to gain the advantages for your health and wellbeing! 



WHAT:  Raw and Organic Chocolate Making

DATE:  Sunday 22 March

MORE:  Just in time for Easter, Join Cat  Cannizzaro, Australia's leading raw food gourmet chef to make raw and organic chocolate.  You may have seen Cat in Pete Evans new cookbook, showcasing her amazing food skills. Learn how to make the most delicious chocolate you could imagine.  Make your own tray of chocolates filled with organic raw salted caramel, nuts, dried berries or just natural. 


WHAT:  The Bone Broth Essentials Workshop

DATE:  Thursday 23 April

MORE:  Join Ivy Thompson from ‘Paleo in Melbourne’ for an intimate Bone Broth work-shop at the Common Good Store,Hawthorn. Bone broth is an ancestral superfood; cheap, versatile, healing and extremely nutrient dense. It’s easy and affordable to prepare at home. Not only does broth enhance your health and wellbeing but it adds wonderful flavour to all sorts of home cooked meals. It's also an amazing beauty food: your skin will thank you for the gelatine and collagen you get from the broth!



WHAT:  FREE Vegan Raw Food Demo

DATE:  Sunday, May 3

MORE:  During our FREE Vegan Raw Food Cooking Class, you will Learn:

▪                How to prepare delicious well-balanced Raw Food dishes.

▪                How to increase your consumption of Plant & Fruit-based foods.

▪                How to replace meats with vegetable and Raw Food proteins.

▪                How to make your food look appealing.

▪                We will present widely accepted Principles of nutrition.

During our Class, you will discover how to prepare Healthy, Delicious and well-balanced Raw Food meals that will bring mealtime enjoyment and may add years to your life!


WHAT:  Apotheke Academy: Market Fresh Mixology

DATE:  Saturday 4 April

MORE:  Our Mixologists spend the morning rummaging for local produce, herbs, and botanicals from the Farmer's Market and Apotheke's Rooftop Herb Garden for seasonal cocktails. Experiment with these unique ingredients --ranging from heirloom tomatoes and lemongrass to aprium and gooseberries-- through juicing, blending, and infusion to create delicious market-fresh cocktails.

Upon class completion, each guest has the opportunity to purchase our full service mixology kit to recreate cocktails at home. 



WHAT:  World Water Day

DATE:  Sunday 22 March

MORE:  12-2pm Activ888 with Full Circle Venice // Unify // Earth Wisdom Foundation. A special Activ888 for World Water Day featuring guest speaker Bavado from Earth Wisdom Foundation. Bennie LeBeau, "Bavado" Rainbow Thunder Heart (in Eastern Shoshone) formerly known as Bavado, is a younger tribal elder of the Eastern Shoshone Nation, a tribe located on the Wind River Indian Reservation in Ft. Washakie, Wyoming. Blue Thunder has had many years of hands-on experience with indigenous traditions and culture and has been welcomed and taught by elders in many different tribes in South and Central America.

2-3pm Lunch Break

3-5pm Indigenous Ceremony


We Invite every yogi and meditator in L.A. to Unify for a giant yoga and meditation session in Venice Beach on March 22nd, World Water Day. We'll join 300+ locations around the world and tap into the power of our collective intention and action. Together, we will Unify for what may become the West Side's largest meditation in history. Be The Change. Bring your friends. And Let's Bless the Water Together Full Force!*


WHAT:  Heart Space…. lead with the heart


MORE:  Practitioners of the heart and artists of the soul, Chris & Mikki run Haus of Sages. They are nature lovers, tea enthusiasts, writers, artists, healers, mystics, foodies, musicians, jewelry designers, and film makers.

Mikki who is writing her first novel, has passion for photography which led to the creation of Haus of Sages, a creative outlet dedicated to expressing both of their talents.  Her voice and vision inspired by her muse and one true love couples as a space to showcase his jewelry making and tea ceremony practice.  While Chris works full time in Visual effects film, he will occasionally ghost write, edit and help with design. 

Haus of Sages was built on a foundation of love, inspired by beauty and driven by the community that surrounds them and the dreams they continue to manifest.  They welcome you into their world to share, inspire and on occasion, invite you to special events.

HOS is excited to announce their first event of this year. Ayurveda education and healing led me to this inspiration.... We have some really amazing people on board. Can't wait to share more!!.

Heart Space.... Lead with the heart.  
First event series: April 18th, 2015 Noon-8pm. 
Tickets on sale March 23rd + workshops will be announced.

“Our intention is to explore and discover ways to care for nature and ourselves. Workshops with seasoned practitioners and conscious enthusiasts will guide you in the experience you choose”.



WHAT:  Yoga Workshop With Organic Vegetarian Lunch and Meditation

DATE:  Saturday 28 March

MORE:  Come and enjoy an energising yoga workshop suitable for all ages and abilities, including meditation and deep relaxation with an organic vegetarian lunch and fresh juices. Brought to you by British Wheel of Yoga Teacher Sarah Martin and The Holistic Chef Jamie Raftery 


WHAT:  Raw Foods for Everyday Beginners Class with Full Dinner

DATE:  Tuesday 31 March

MORE:  Are you overwhelmed and confused when it comes to healthy eating? Think doing it at home is boring and unattainable? Want to see what's all the fuss about Raw Foods? Join the most popular raw foods class in London and plant the seeds to learn in the simplest, tastiest ways how you can do it at home without any fancy equipment or time consuming activities. Most people after attending this class implement at least one of the principles discussed and create sustainable change in their lives. Spring time is the best time to start introducing more living foods as you are in tune with nature and your body's natural transitioning mechanism. If you want more energy, better health, weight loss (and control!) and you love tasty food join me for an entertaining session with full dinner served at the underground juice factory in Mayfair - Raw Press, to learn how to make your health and energy Second Nature! You'll be taken through the importance of adding natural living foods to your diet, nutritional facts and where to get your daily requirements from, in the best and most sustainable way for both you and the environment.

You will learn how to easily prepare nourishing drinks and foods during for all seasons that can change the quality of your life just by simply adding them into your routine without having to make drastic changes.