March 12


WHAT:  Tyler Tolman's SYDNEY Health Vibe

DATE:  Wednesday 15 April

MORE:  A 2.5 hour event that will change your life, and give you the tools _and know-how to understand and transform your health. 

During this evening I will be sharing with you much of my key fundamentals and knowledge, and exactly what actions you need to do day by day to move towards divine health and vitality.

Even if you have been to one of my events in the past, this event is not to be missed, as this workshop is designed for everyone to walk away with the practice of my work, so you can implement these methods / principles into YOUR LIFE straight away and that you can apply to your SPECIFIC CIRCUMSTANCE and see results and know you are improving your health. I’M NOT HOLDING BACK as it is my mission to help educate and inspire the world to move towards improved health and evolution.



DATE:  Wednesday 25 March

MORE:  The Self Love Series are 5 incredible events devoted to sharing the vital secrets and tools to knowing our own self worth, honouring who we truly are and striving forward in a life that is intentional and fulfilling. The course spans over 5 jam packed weeks – each week tackling the subject of self love and self worth from a different angle. Each week we will have a different Guru sharing their own powerful content during a 2 hour live session at the Centennial Parklands Dining. This is a unique opportunity for attendees to benefit from having the very best coaches, therapists and authors in the industry, packed into one event series. They will be solely focused on helping our Daily Guru tribe overcome challenges and learn how to thrive in their own life. And it all begins with mastering self worth. 



WHAT:  Breakfast Around the Tan

DATE:  Sunday 15 March

MORE:  Grab your family and friends — it’s time to get active. Join hundreds of Melburnians for a breakfast-on- the-move around the city’s most popular walking trail, affectionately known to locals as The Tan. Take a leisurely stroll around the leafy greenery of the Royal Botanic Gardens, with pit stops at five breakfast stations filled with nutritious breakfast options to kick-start your day. All-ages activities will be on offer at the start and end of the walk, including yoga and lifestyle sessions. Melbourne Food and Wine will donate 5% of your ticket price to Diabetes Australia - Vic


WHAT:  Get Cultured with Cat from Wild Raw

DATE:  Sunday 15 March

MORE:  Born to cook, eat, write and travel, Cat Cannizzaro is Australia’s leading raw food gourmet chef. Her food, recipes, chocolates and food styling are sought out around the world.  Featured in Pete Evans latest cookbook, this is defintely not a class to be missed. Lacto Fermentation. Want to get maximum nutrition in just one bite? Natural Fermentation and how lacto-fermentation not only keeps your gut ecology in great shape but safely preserves foods without canning, special ingredients, or expensive equipment. Learn to make sauerkraut and how to use it daily in your menu plan. Water kefir. The history, the why and how. Learn how to make delicious and refreshing probiotic drink and how to culture and rest your grains. You will also make sauerkraut in a nori roll with cashew mayo, vegetables and avocado. Yummo!!!!!



WHAT:  Sustainable Global Sourcing Forum

DATE:  Tuesday 24 March

MORE:  Join us to hear keynote speakers and panelists discuss current sustainable global sourcing trends, challenges and opportunities along organizations’ supply chains and product life cycles.


WHAT:  Green Festival New York City 2015

DATE:  Tuesday 31 march

MORE:  We are back at the LEED Certified Javits Center for our 5th year in New York City. New York continues to be on the forefront in reducing energy consumption and has one of highest percentages of green space among US cities. It also has the highest percentage of workers commuting by public transportation, bicycle, or by foot. The city’s sustainability program PlaNYC has helped achieve the cleanest air in 50 years, adding 865,000 trees and five million feet of reflective rooftop to the urban landscape and has helped to reduce the carbon emissions by 19% since 2005.



WHAT:  Shine Your Wild Heart ~ Monthly Pow Wow

DATE:  SECOND Thursday of every month

MORE:   A unique Monthly Pow Wow for men & women to come together and connect in a real way. Jessie May creates a cozy, inspiring environment for raw connection, open exploration and playful themes that speak to our wild heart. Come out and play... meet new friends, let go and relax, energize your spirit in this delicious soiree sure to ignite your passion and creative fuego!


WHAT:  OneTaste Los Angeles: How To OM Course

DATE:  Saturday 11 April

MORE:  OM (Orgasmic Meditation) is a simple way for people to practice their orgasm. It’s like….yoga for your orgasm. And, the more you do this practice, the more you feel. The day-long How to OM Course is the perfect way to learn the basics of the practice of OM and the philosophy behind OneTaste’s signature practice. Spend the day with two Certified OneTaste instructors.




DATE:  Sunday 22 March

MORE:  Join Whole Foods Market & the inspiring Julie Montagu for a morning of yoga, a nourishing breakfast spread & a discussion lead by Julie on the powerful foods that make you feel incredible - aka superfoods! Ticket includes –

▪                Signed copy of Julie Montagu’s new book SUPERFOODS

▪                1 hour yoga session lead by Julie

▪                A nutritious breakfast spread

▪                Goody bag featuring WFM’s favourite superfoods!

Julie is one of London’s top yoga & nutrition teachers & a wellness warrior whose vibrancy for a healthy life is contagious! 


WHAT:  Restore Yourself for Spring: a Restorative Yoga Workshop with Bridget Luff


MORE:  Find space for your body & mind, soothe your nervous system and restore a state of harmony within. If you feel permanently tired, stressed, achey or out of sorts and barely have time to eat, digest, sleep, chill out or get a break … then this workshop is for you.  Come back to feeling more of your buoyant self with the subtle power of gentle yoga, meditation and deep rest. Restorative yoga is a deeply nourishing practice that is simple and effective.  Bridget will guide you through a dreamy sequence which facilitates softness and encourages physical and mental restoration from deep within. She will offer some guidelines as to how to take some of the restorative work off the mat and into your regular practice and lives. By resting you allow the body to do the marvellous reparation and detoxification work that it needs to do – ideal for the springtime

TICKETS: yogaonthelane@gmail.comWEBSITE