Feb 26


WHAT:  Free Meditation Group Sydney

DATE:  Wednesday 4 March

MORE:  The FREE MEDITATION GROUP is a quick and easy way to gain the numerous benefits of meditation. Unwind, learn and experience a meditation class after work (while the traffic dies down!)


WHAT:  Yoga for Heart

DATE:  Friday 27 February

MORE:  Welcome to the REDFEB Yoga for Heart charity event! All donations will be given to Heart Research Australia, an organisation which provides vital research into the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of heart disease. Many people are affected by heart disease, male or female, young or old. It is a misconception to think that someone young, female, or even fit and healthy may not be affected. Yoga is a fantastic way to reduce stress and create gentle mobility in the body. Want to know more? See this link or just google 'yoga and heart health': 



WHAT:  Trampoline Day - Bounce Ideas With Curious People


MORE:  Ever been to an UNconference? Wondering what it is? Well, imagine a conference where the day’s talks are unplanned and the speakers and the audience are one and the same. Trampoline draws out the knowledge and passion of the unique community attending to create a line-up of inspiring stories, presentations and conversations.

Be a part of making Trampoline happen and join the inspiring conversations, hear from passionate people and, if you're keen, share your gifts.  

Our next Trampoline Day is at the innovation and social enterprise hub - donkey wheel house - 673 Bourke St Melbourne (10am–4pm) Saturday the 28th of February.

How do I do it?

The day starts with a scrum session where participants are offered 15 seconds to pitch their talk and nominate themselves for one of the day’s many simultaneous presentations/conversations. Anyone can present at Trampoline and we do not hand pick speakers, so we expect those attending to put themselves forward and share something they find amazing. Trampoline is dedicated to what YOU find amazing, inspiring or worth sharing. You might want to talk about a sliding doors moment that changed your life OR maybe you just want to listen to what gets someone else out of bed in the morning. Either way they day is always filled with a bunch of inquisitive minds, knowledge, sharing and passion.

Kinfolk will be open all day to keep you nourished and energised.



WHAT:  So Hum Yoga's Intro to Kundalini Yoga


MORE:  Learn the fundamentals of the invigorating, yet balancing practice of Kundalini. Each 90 minute class in this unique course consists of tuning in, warm ups consisting of rhythmic breathwork and postures, Kriya (a sequenced pattern of energy-channeling postures, mantra and breathwork), deep meditation, relaxation and closure.


WHAT:  Drawing Meditation

DATE:  Tuesday 3 March

MORE:  Drawing meditation workshops: The drawing meditation workshops is an opportunity to focus on and build on your art and conceptual ideas through giving space to sketch, draw in a contemplative and collective atmosphere of silence.

The process: You will be with Artist, Fern Smith in her studio. A study will be placed in the studio as a guide or focus and at the end of the drawing meditation request for instruction or advice is provided.

The studio is set up with tables, chairs, clip boards and a few easels. You will need to bring your own materials; however, basic materials can be purchased at cost price at the studio.



WHAT:  Breathe, Meditate, Rejuvenate


MORE:  Living in a city where one is constantly ‘on’ and looking to do more and more, a workshop that will recharge you and open you up to tap into a practical way to refresh every day, so you can do more of the things you love doing. Each one of us possesses the ability to calm the mind and recharge the body within minutes. The secret lies in the breath. This 60 min workshop is an introduction to the Art of Living Happiness Program.  We will explore breath and meditation as well as other tools which are taught on the Happiness Program. No need to bring anything but yourself – Yoga mats, water, back-jacks, pillows and blankets are all supplied at the center.


WHAT:  Own Your Space - A Meditation Workshop

DATE:  Sunday 1 March

MORE:  An introduction to grounding techniques, confidence building and energetic healing via visualization & meditation taught by your favorite wellness guru, Rachel Harvest MS, RD. Introductory techniques will be taught in 4 30-minute meditations with 10 minutes for sharing between. The remaining time will be left for discussion of furthering this work in future workshops and deepening into clairvoyant practices.



WHAT:  Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Chrissy

DATE:  Saturday 16 May

MORE:  Kundalini Yoga uses breath, movement, mantra and meditation to effectively balance and heal your body and mind and set your soul free. This powerful and ancient science, as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D., stimulates nervous and immune systems, promotes strength and flexibility, and brings peace to the mind and spirit. Relieve yourself from stress,addiction, and pain. Heal your body from the inside out, and let yourself SHINE!


WHAT:  Yoga for the Planet

DATE:  Wednesday 11 March

MORE:  Help us alleviate proverty worldwide by joining us at Sweat Yoga in Santa Monica for a wonderful yoga class. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Whole Planet Foundation. The Whole Planet Foundation provides 1 million microloans serving 5 million people on the road to prosperity.



WHAT:  Raw Dessert Afternoon Tea

DATE:  Sunday 26 April

MORE:  Put a spring in your step and treat yourself to a Raw Dessert & Rooibos Afternoon Tea Workshop this April! Learn how to make delicious desserts that taste amazing and make you look and feel great! 


WHAT:  Yoga for beginners

DATE:  Saturday 28 February

MORE:  Are you new to yoga, or keen to begin but feel nervous as a beginner? Would you find it helpful to explore the foundations of the practice in a little more detail? Then this is the workshop for you! We will gently explore how to mindfully meet ourselves on the mat with kind, open, awareness; breathing techniques that help in our practice and beyond; the foundations of safe alignment for healthy, happy joints; modifications that enable us to celebrate our bodies’ differences; and finally we will nourish ourselves with a lovely, deep relaxation.