Feb 19


WHAT:  Restorative Masterclass with Leonie Mosdell & Dom Morabito

DATE:  Saturday 18 April

MORE:  Surrender yourself to 2 hours of restorative yoga for stress, anxiety & to quieten the monkey mind.

Be guided into total bliss, as Leonie walks you through each posture with clear instruction & guided meditation, enabling you to relax and go deeper into relaxation.

Complementing Leonie, will be Dom's deep, earthy, live guitar that will flow in and out during the restorative master class...taking you on a journey far away from today's stresses.

What Restorative yoga is good for:

▪                Heal the effects of chronic stress

▪                Recovering from stress or illness

▪                Balances hormones & energy levels

▪                Quietens the monkey mind

Relax, let go and surrender to yourself.


WHAT:  Serious Backyard Veggies

DATE:  Saturday 9 May – Sunday 10 May

MORE:  Do you want to grow seriously great vegetables in your backyard? Are you finding that it's a little harder than you thought to get your beloved seeds from their packets all the way to a super, plentiful harvest? Join Michael Hewins,our favourite market gardener, for 2 days of hands-on knowledge, tips and tricks on how to grow truly awesome backyard vegies using organic permaculture technique.



WHAT:  Get Cultured with Cat from Wild Raw

DATE:  Sunday 15 March

MORE:  Born to cook, eat, write and travel, Cat Cannizzaro is Australia’s leading raw food gourmet chef. Her food, recipes, chocolates and food styling are sought out around the world.  Featured in Pete Evans latest cookbook, this is defintely not a class to be missed. Lacto Fermentation

Want to get maximum nutrition in just one bite? Natural Fermentation and how lacto-fermentation not only keeps your gut ecology in great shape but safely preserves foods without canning, special ingredients, or expensive equipment. Learn to make sauerkraut and how to use it daily in your menu plan. Water kefir. The history, the why and how. Learn how to make delicious and refreshing probiotic drink and how to culture and rest your grains.

You will also make sauerkraut in a nori roll with cashew mayo, vegetables and avocado. Yummo!!!!!


WHAT:  Sunday Session to End Women's Cancer - Organic Lunch & Treatment Day

DATE: Sunday 22 March

MORE:  Support the enta team in raising funds for the Walk to Cure Women's Cancer and in return enjoy an amazing 5 treatments plus a delicious organic lunch. The one day only Sunday session will be 4 hours of pure bliss and only open for 12 very lucky guests. Enjoy all of this.

▪                30 minute remedial massage 

▪                Spa pedicure including milk & rose petal foot soak, nail file & colour polish

▪                Manicure including body butter hand & arm massage, nail file & colour polish

▪                30 minute reiki treatment

▪                Tarot or Angel reading or Tapping

▪                Organic lunch

▪                Tielka fairtrade, certified organic loose leaf teas

▪                Chance to win a huge hamper of fabulous hand picked gifts

Strictly only 12 spaces available. Enta will be exclusively open for the 12 priviledged guests only & all for the well deserved fundraiser to End Women's Cancer. Come with a friend or come on your own, you'll be treated like a VIP from the moment you arrive and leave feeling healthier & more energised than ever before.



WHAT:  Conventional Foods KILL, Don't Be Another Statistic

DATE:  Wednesday 25 February

MORE:  Free community workshop on the importance of organic foods and their impact on our health. Have a food allergy? Suffering from chronic fatigue and intestinal problems? How do non-organic foods really effect our health? All of this and more will be discussed. Come out and educate yourself. For those taking the subway, take the J train to the Halsey stop.


WHAT:  The Seed : MARKET


MORE:  The Seed and The Altman Building will be launching a monthly pop-up market series, The Seed : MARKET, that will have local vendors with plant-based and cruelty-free food, products and services sampling, selling and showcasing. In addition, renowned doctors, nutritionists and inspirational professional athletes will be sharing their expertise.



WHAT:  Organic Life Music Festival

DATE:  Saturday 16 May

MORE:  We invite you to join us as we work together combining music and organic living, the Organic Life Music Festival highlights music’s powerful effect on individuals’ healthy lifestyle choices. We celebrate the music that fuels our lifestyles and encourage getting back to basics and practicing sustainable, healthy living. Our vision is to engage Baby Boomers, their children, and grandchildren in conversation to better understand what an “organic lifestyle” means to each of them. Natural scents are organic molecules, created by the living biochemistry of organisms. This is a scientific truth, but... What exactly is an organic molecule? What does biochemistry mean?

If you are even vaguely curious about perfumery, there are some biological and chemical ABCs that you should probably understand. But never fear: We're here to help!


WHAT: M.A.K.E SANTA MONICA - Dinner & Demo

DATE: Saturday 28 Feb

MORE:  This is the perfect course for anyone looking for a night that is fun and educational. The Dinner & Demo is a collaboration between M.A.K.E and Matthew Kenney Culinary. Our Academy team will demo the latest in cutting-edge plant-based cuisine while students observe and enjoy. The instructor will demonstrate three courses to be paired with some of our favorite local wines. 



WHAT:  Raw Dessert Afternoon Tea

DATE:  Sunday 26 April

MORE: Put a spring in your step and treat yourself to a Raw Dessert & Rooibos Afternoon Tea Workshop this April! Learn how to make delicious desserts that taste amazing and make you look and feel great! 


WHAT:  April Sunday Roast at Sunday Papers Live

DATE:  Sunday 5 April

MORE:  The Trefusis Hall will lay host to epic shared-plate banquets by Tom's Feast - Founded by Tom Hunt award winning eco-chef, working on projects throughout the UK to revive our cooking heritage through convivial feasts. Tom's Feast only uses the best organic and seasonal ingredients one can find, creating feasts that can be compared with only the best artisanal cooks in London.

Tom's Feast have worked alongside, Skye Gyngell, Sam and Sam Clark and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall's. Their food is a rustic blend of these Mediterranean styles while using the best of British seasonal ingredients. Tom's Feast buy only the best organic and local produce from farms they are proud to support.