Feb 12


WHAT:  Health & Wellness - Latest Research & Hot Topics" with Dr Marilyn Golden

DATE:  Sunday 1 March

MORE:  Our health is our greatest wealth, but there are so many contrary opinions, research, ideas and messages on the web and in people's opinions and experiences. Join us for this seminar where vegan GP Marilyn Golden, an expert in the field of health and wellness, sheds light on recent studies and hot topics and helps us make sense of the information and put our health and wellness in the right direction!  


WHAT:  Evolve Yourself Meditation Program - 6 week meditation program

DATE:  Starts Tuesday 24 February

MORE:  Get ready to open up your mind and body to more of yourself.  Learn to discover your greater potential with the bonus of decreasing stress and anxiety. Take on our six week program  and experience various meditation tools and techniques to expand your awareness of life.



WHAT:  Raw and Organic Chocolate Making

DATE:  Sunday 22 March

MORE:  Just in time for Easter, Join Cat  Cannizzaro, Australia's leading raw food gourmet chef to make raw and organic chocolate.  You may have seen Cat in Pete Evans new cookbook, showcasing her amazing food skills. Learn how to make the most delicious chocolate you could imagine.  Make your own tray of chocolates filled with organic raw salted caramel, nuts, dried berries or just natural. 


WHAT:  Chakradance Discovery Saturdays


MORE: Chakradance is a powerful and authentic healing dance practice to promote that wonderful state of calm vitality known as well-being.

Practising Chakradance can help tune and balance your whole body/mind/spirit system using spontaneous dance, guided imagery and music that resonates deeply with each in turn of the seven major chakras.

Some who have experienced it claim it has transformed their lives; others simply that they enjoyed it hugely. Why not try it for yourself?

Perfect for beginners, this hour-long workshop begins with an opening meditation, then a warm-up dance, a guided meditation and dance through all 7 chakras, a mandala art exercise, and finally a closing meditation.



WHAT:  Vegan Raw Food Cooking Demo


MORE:  During our FREE Vegan Raw Food Cooking Class, you will Learn:

                How to prepare delicious well-balanced Raw Food dishes.

                How to increase your consumption of Plant & Fruit-based foods.

                How to replace meats with vegetable and Raw Food proteins.

                How to make your food look appealing.

                We will present widely accepted Principles of nutrition.

During our Class, you will discover how to prepare Healthy, Delicious and well-balanced Raw Food meals that will bring mealtime enjoyment and may add years to your life!


WHAT:  Sacred Beauty Salon Series


MORE:  Explore the divine nature of your beauty in this live, 4-part workshop series presented by makeup artist, natural beauty expert and wellness coach Rebecca Casciano. Join in empowering conversations and beauty rituals that support the modern day goddess- you! Learn how the art of makeup can be used as a tool for self-love, expression and creativity. This unique, fun series will take you through 4 sacred dimensions of inner and outer beauty, bringing them together in a way that has never been done before! Here's what each session entails:

Learn practical makeup skills from an experienced professional makeup artist and educator, using organic, natural and effective cosmetics. Watch Rebecca's detailed demos featuring her favorite products, tips and techniques to create a glowing complexion, alluring eyes, a powerful pout and fabulous features. Then receive Rebecca's personal guidance while you practice them on yourself, enabling you to easily recreate them!



WHAT:  Soap Making 101 at The King's Roost

DATE: Sunday, March 15

MORE:  Come to the King's Roost Patio to learn the basics of cold process soap making, which is basically learning how to safely mix lye and oils (organic in this case) to make soap! Roe will demonstrate every step of the process from mixing your ingredients, adding fragrances, colors and exfoliants, to blending, placing in a mold, curing and cutting.  You'll leave with a sample bar of soap and the confidence to start making your own custom made organic soaps at a fraction of the cost of store bought soap. This class is taught by Roe, the owner The King's Roost. 


WHAT:  Jen's Lovely Raw Class

DATE: Friday 13 February

MORE:  Jennie Moran is our in house, raw foods expert and whole body team member. Join us for a lovely Friday evening as Jen shows us how to make yummy raw chocolate and maca treats for your special valentine. Come hungry! All participants will get a chance to taste these decadent desserts and receive recipe cards to make them yourself at home!                      


WHAT:  Seasonal Dinner with Your Farmer and Chef in Los Angeles!

DATE: Thursday 19 February

MORE: Together, Farm Fresh To You and Local Table restaurant in Los Angeles welcome you to sit down to a seasonal, farm-to-fork dinner with farmer, Thaddeus Barsotti and chef Isaac Diaz. Join us for a unique dining experience with a reception, and a wonderful meal prepared with some of the season's best, organic ingredients - all for a good cause. During the evening, farmer Thaddeus and chef Diaz will share about the inspiration behind making this meal, the farm-fresh ingredients and the passion behind sharing seasonal dinners with folks like you!   



WHAT:  Raw Food Class - Foundation Level

DATE:  Sunday 19 April

MORE:  Learn simple staples of raw food and how to adapt them to have a life full of rich flavours and exciting dishes.You will learn how to make:

- Supercharged Smoothies

- Simple Sauces – Italian, Thai, Indian, Ketchup and Mayo!

- Pasta & Rice alternatives

- Super delicious salad dressings

- Delicious & quick Desserts

You will learn and make the bases and then add the flavours you like, then we will enjoy a delcious lunch later in the day. All the dishes will be made with just a blender and soaking. Recipes are all vegan, gluten and sugar free, only pure natural and organic goodness! This is the start of a series of classes helping you on your journey of eating better, cleaner and igniting your passion and creativity! Take home a recipe booklet of all the recipes and other combinations you can make, and a guide on how to gradually transition to more raw without the heavy detox effect.


WHAT:  Raw Dining Club Marylebone

DATE:  THURSDAY 12 February

MORE:  Raw almighty! This month Raw Dining Club is popping up in an exciting location: St Paul's Church in Marylebone. Come and join us for a relaxed evening of creative raw vegan food in an atmospheric setting.

Ticket price includes a 4-course meal. Bring-your-own alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks.