Oct 7

Sydney. AUS.


WHAT – Conscious Club: Talking About An Evolution w/ Daniel Pinchbeck, Kip Anderson & Luka Lesson
WHEN –  Thursday 22 October

Join us as we embark on the evolution on Thursday 22nd October as Conscious Club brings you the BEST of the BEST. Three of the world's truly remarkable minds on one stage.
Daniel Pinchbeck (USA) - Author, Change Maker and Visionary Thinker
Kip Andersen (USA) - Filmaker and Environmentalist (Cowspiracy)
Luka Lesson- Award winning spoken word Poet and Artist
Daniel Pinchbeck, one of this century's great minds, will be speaking to us about his conscious journey and how today, humanity faces our greatest challenge, and our most precious opportunity.  Our activity as a species has put the Earth in jeopardy. We can directly observe that our use of resources must change.  We are threatening the ability of the biosphere to support our continuity, and the future of all complex forms of life.
Daniel will be speaking about life, meditation, psychedelic experiences and social revolution. Discussing shamanism, spirituality, social change and consciousness.
Watch Daniel here:
Recent talk at the Breaking Convention: https://vimeo.com/134719946
Q&A with Russell Brand at the Breaking Convention 2015: https://vimeo.com/134759978

"Cowspiracy may be the most important film made to inspire saving the planet."
- Louie Psihoyos, Oscar- Winning Director of "The Cove"

Come see Kip Andersen, Director of "Cowspiracy" share the impact this film has had and the outcomes achieved since it's release. We will also show you excepts of this groundbreaking documentary.Kip will share about his reasons for creating Cowspiracy and his experiences during filming. You don't want to miss it.
Luka Lesson is a spoken word and HipHop artist who has been writing rap music for nine years. Luka won Australian Poetry Slam final and has toured for 4 years throughout Australia, Asia, New Zealand and North America.  He has attended 13 Writers' Festivals, has nine years of workshop experience and ten years of writing under his belt.  Luka blurs the lines between a conscious HipHop lyricist and insightful story-teller.  His words are filled with vulnerable and political philosophies and ideas about our time, that you don't want to miss.
Let's talk about the evolution...

The world is at a great turning point. New forms of consciousness, collective intelligence and global change are emerging. Now more than ever, the world needs your wisdom, love, passion and action.  
 As you have the power to change the world...
Plus ...
600 Conscious Souls will meditate together... mind blowing!

Get creative with the interactive art
Indulge in healthy goodies from Star Anise Organic Wholefoods.  Indulge in Loco Love raw chocolates and unite over Moksha ayurvedic teas

Think up an innovative idea to use Conscious Currency the new giving economy

Perhaps you would like to take on the  Do Good Challenge How would you change the lives of others with $500?

Write to us at frontdoor@consciousclub.com with your idea.
Pre order your delicious vegetarian dinner.

We are creating community for all to enjoy, come hang out with cool, conscious people.

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Sydney. AUS.


WHAT –   Small Space Organics
WHEN –  Sunday 11 October

Turn your backyard into edible bliss with the help of urban gardener Adrian Baiada. Adrian will take you through some gardening fundamentals to help you create your very own organic garden, even in the quaintest of spaces. 


How to Design Your Garden - what best to plant where and how to utilise the space that you have

How to prepare your Soil - nutrition, composting and fertilising.

Planting techniques - how to nurture your seedlings to reap the nutritious benefits!


A planned design for your own garden space 

A seedling pack to get you started!


pen & notepad, dimensions of your garden space and movements of sun, gardening gloves


From living in the inner city, gardener Adrian Baiada found that we all live in small urban homes, but still want the pleasure of growing our own food. Combining his passion for food with his experience in permaculture gardening, My Square Metre began and has seen Adrian collaborate with councils in Ryde, Mosman, Marrickville, North Sydney, City of Sydney and Warringah as well as running workshops in schools across Sydney. 

Want to see more, visit www.mysquaremetre.org

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Melbourne. AUS.


WHAT –  Organic Vegetable Gardening
WHEN –  Saturday 17 October

Leni Teng, well known Willow Grove vegetable and seedling grower, will conduct a workshop on vegetable growing at the Jindivick Community Garden on Saturday October 10th, at 3pm. Participants will learn Leni’s secrets on sowing and raising vegetables, and get a a pack of 8 of Leni’s seedlings. Afternoon tea included, cost $30 per person.

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Melbourne. AUS.


WHAT –  Get A Healthy Gut with Kombucha
WHEN  –  Sunday 11 October

In this class you will learn how to make Kombucha in your own home.  Kombucha is a fermented tea, that Aids Digestion and Gut Health. Because it's naturally fermented with a living colony of bacteria and yeast, Kombucha is a probiotic beverage. This has a myriad of benefits such as improved digestion, fighting candida (harmful yeast) overgrowth, mental clarity, and mood stability.

Take Home:

Your own scobie (to grow at home), instructions and a few amazing recipes-including Rose's Elderberry Kombucha

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Los Angeles. US.



WHAT –  Mind Waves Group Hypnosis w/ Flute Sound Healing - Trust Yourself & Others
WHEN  –  Saturday 10 October

“Trust your hunches. They’re usually based on facts filed away just below the conscious level” - Dr. Joyce Brothers

In this group hypnosis and sound healing, we will work together to gain the keys to trust others, our intuition and the decisions we make from within. We will dialogue to remove the blocks for you to become more confident in your personal choices. This workshop will include tools for restoring trust and relieving anxiety around trusting yourself. You will embark on seeing your present and future path as you would like to create or shift it from your current perspective. This group hypnosis is designed to help if you have reached a crossroads,  are in a holding pattern, or are experiencing ambivalence towards the next step in an area of your life. The hypnosis tools provided will support you in creating trust in your decision making process, thus creating a sense of serenity in your daily life. When you trust yourself, you can genuinely feel empowered, stronger and authentically happier. All issues related to trusting yourself are welcome!  

The hypnosis led by Morgan Yakus will be accompanied with flute by Dana Kline. The flute is a vessel that animates breath and offers guidance towards imagination, memory retrieval, personal reflection and relaxation. Since at least 40,000 years ago, sound healing has been practiced by indigenous peoples, and it was Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras who employed "music as medicine". Dana will offer an aural incantation to support this workshop experience by complimenting the calming, restorative somatic responses in the parasympathetic system resulted from the hypnotherapy process.

What is Hypnosis ?

The most accurate way to define hypnosis is to compare it to an interactive guided meditation. It is a natural state of mind. You don't have to work hard for hypnotherapy to be effective. In fact, just the opposite is true. All you need to do is relax and let it happen. Resolution and freedom can result in a healthier body, mind and spirit. It is an altered state of consciousness and invites a heightened responsiveness to suggestion. Hypnosis is designed to communicate with the subconscious mind using images, sounds and feelings. While in this state you are fully in control and are aware of every moment you are creating. 

Morgan Yakus 

lives in New York and is a bicoastal practitioner who facilitates integrative hypnosis, past life regression and Akashic Records readings and workshops. From textile tapestries to states of subconscious narratives, Morgan has journeyed from the world of innovative fashion design to her present souls's calling as an intuitive healer. Through the carrier of hypnotherapy and past life regressions. She creates a safe, loving and curious space for the client to explore ancestral story, release unwanted thought patterns and correct unhealthy habits into compassionate and empowering behavior. Seeking to serve as authentic as a vessel for healing through an open transparent dialog with the client. Morgan is also a certified holistic health coach and is dedicated to sharing the healing properties of Chinese tonics to the Western world after studying with Dragon Herbs founder Ron Teeguarden. She is a Board certified hypnotist, NLP practitioner and received certification in past life regression with Brian Weiss (who wrote many lives many masters).

Dana Kline

, PhD candidate, holds a masters degree in depth psychology counseling and a bachelors degree in creative writing. She is also a flute player for over twenty five years and continues to play for its playful, transcendental, and hypnotic healing insights. She resides in Santa Monica, CA.

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Los Angeles. US.


WHAT – Demystify Meditation
WHEN  –  Sunday 11 October

Breath Work - workshop:: 

Join us for an in depth study on spiritual and healing practices. Learn how you can apply them into your daily life, and elevate your conscious awareness. We'll talk about self study, energy, chakras, and intuition. 

A big portion of this particular meditation has to do with healing of self and/or shedding false belief systems. Be prepared to laugh, cry, be confused, discover clarity, and open up to a deeper part of yourself!  Its fun, powerful and life altering. 

Bring a yoga mat, water, notebook & pen, an eye pillow if you have one, a pillow or something soft to sit on while in discussions, snacks if you like and AN OPEN MIND! Please be punctual! There's lots to share and we don't want you to miss out on anything! 

What to expect:  In this workshop there'll be discussions, partner work, practical application, meditation, healing experiences, and answering questions.  And of course lots of BREATHING! 

You can contact Marlize for any further questions you might have at: marlize.joubert@gmail.com.

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New York. US.

Satsang w/ Deepak Chopra & Michael O'Neill

WHAT –  Satsang w/ Deepak Chopra & Michael O'Neill
WHEN  –  Tuesday 13 October

"There are no extra pieces in the universe. Everyone is here because he or she has a place to fill, and every piece must fit itself into the big jigsaw puzzle.   

                                                                          --Deepak Chopra

abc home invites you to a special yoga-themed satsang with Deepak Chopra
plus, special guest Michael O'Neill

in celebration of his new book Yoga: The Architecture of Peace

a collection of exquisite photography on the practice & poses of yoga, published by Taschen

Michael O'Neill will sign books directly after the event 

in sanskrit, satsang means gathering together in pursuit of the highest truth

This is the third Satsang in our Satsang series with Deepak. The satsang series is a series of monthly gatherings designed to soothe our contemporary anxiety and provoke dialogue around the greatest questions of our time. At a time when humanity is facing sometimes very difficult and mysterious questions, a conversation about what we hold sacred and to be true is more relevant than ever. 

Please join us.

event takes place in deepak homebase, on the mezz at abc home
doors open at 6:30p, program begins at 7p

PLEASE NOTE: This is a filmed event. The event is being filmed, and will be posted at a future date on newswire.fm.

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New York. US.



WHAT –  Kokedama: Japanese String Gardens
WHEN  –  Tuesday 13 October

We have fallen in love with Kokedama!

It's a wonderful Japanese technique for making hanging gardens by suspending your plants in a ball of moss. Rustic but sophisitcated, the string garden is relaxing and adds a brilliant touch of nature to any space. Perfect for indoors and outdoors. Great for teaching kids and adults how to care for living plants in an interesting way.

We will show you how to create your own tiny Kokedama planet. We'll discuss what kinds of plants make the most impact, and basic care and maintenance. We'll also show you tricks on how to take your moss ball to the next level with toys, beads, and other unusual materials!

Best part: you get to leave with your creation!

All materials included. Please read the organizer description for terms and conditions. Special considerations available for large groups buying together. Email Dani@rrlstudio.com for more information. 

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London. UK.


WHAT  – Mind Body Soul Experience w/ Yasmin BolandWHEN  – Sunday 25 October

Harnessing the power of the New&, Full and Quarter Moon  with Yasmin Boland

In this one hour workshop&, Yasmin Boland of moonology.com will teach you how to harness the power of the Moon. No astrological knowledge required. Just bring a pen and some paper. You will learn what each New&, Full and Quarter Moon means for you&, based on your personal horoscope&, and how to set very powerful intentions on a monthly basis.

Sunday 25th October | 3.00pm - 4.00pm

Workshop Room 3



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London. UK.



WHAT –  Farm to Loaf Symposium
WHEN  –  Sunday 25 October

Spend a day with pioneering farmers, millers and bakers, including presentations on approaches to organic farming, biology and evolution of grain, heritage varieties, milling methods, legislation and supply chains, adaptation of baking methods for UK wheat and a panel discussion chaired by Sheila Dillon (BBC).

Speakers as follows:


Per Grupe and Fintan Keenan
The Danish approach. Inter-row tillage, Scandi land races, on farm milling (Practical Knowledge Transfer).

Nick Fradgely, Organic Research Centre
Developing unique wheat populations for organic plant breeding and research on maintaining healthy soils.

John Clohesy
What farmers can do to make their wheat best suited for bread making.

Andrew Wilkinson, Gilchesters Organics
Pioneering Farmer and wheat breeder. Story of organic conversion and serving up on site milling operations.

John Letts, Archaeo-botanists and Farmer
Collection of heritage varieties, farming approach and milling results.

Nicolas Supiot
Pioneer of Boulanger-Paysan movement in France. Discusses wood-fired oven baking, heritage farming and sourdough baking. Think Soil. 

Jojo Tulloh
How hard is it to grow your own flour?  UK food writer Jojo looks at the history behind England’s wheat fields and brings it up to the present day ahead of her new book.

Kate Hayter, e5 baker
Talks on how shifting to UK grown stoneground flour has needed adaptations in recipes and techniques (Live demo).

Andy Forbes
Leading researcher in applied heritage grain farming. Talks about how to broaden take up by farmers, to get amazing flour to bakers. 

Andrew Whitley
Scotland The Bread project, the question of nutrient density in wheat development, and the public health implications of differing milling and baking choices.


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