Jan 29


WHAT:  The Female Hormone Solution 

DATE:  SUNDAY 1 February – tuesday 10 February

MORE: The Female Hormone Solution brings together, for the first time, 30 of the finest and brightest minds in the holistic health and wellness industry with expertise in areas like clinical nutrition, endocrinology, biochemistry, physiology, naturopathy and holistic health. Their highly individualised, educated, tested and proven approach to overcoming hormonal dysfunction will help you create the body and lifestyle you deserve.




DATE: Wednesday 11 February

MORE: Spirit of Akasha is made to celebrate 40 years of Albert Falzon’s surfing masterpiece, Morning of the Earth, and it stays true to Morning of the Earth’s ethos of soul and spirit in surfing, representing surfing as a lifestyle rather than a commercial entity. It premiered to a sold out Sydney Opera House as part of the Sydney Festival in January 2014, and after screening at film festivals throughout the world including San Sebastian, Germany, France, Holland and Hawaii, it's now on its way to Sydney's surf home, Bondi Beach.


WHAT:  Lacto-fermentation workshops

DATE:  Sunday 8 Febuary & SUNDAY 22 Febuary

MORE:  The warmer weather readily lends itself to the art of fermentation- where time and temperature work magic to populate food and drinks with live enzymes and probiotics (friendly bacteria) essential for robust and vibrant health. I will be running 2 identical half-day workshops limited to 10 people each on Sunday 8th Feb and Sunday 22 Feb.

WEBSITETICKETS: Text - 0407 871 884

WHAT:  Intro to Organic Market Gardening

DATE:  Thursday 12 March

MORE:  Learn how to start a market garden from scratch, and take bare ground to thriving, intensive vegetable production in one season. This course is for those who want to establish a viable, small-scale organic growing enterprise. Australia needs more growers who are committed to the ethics of organic growing, and who want to provide their communities with clean local food for a fair price. This three day intensive covers everything from soil health to finding markets for your produce - it's a nuts-and-bolts course filled with solid knowledge and techniques for future growers. You will also leave this course with a swag of resources for your future growing enterprise, and you'll be ready to take action to make your future as a grower happen.


WHAT:  Sahaja Meditation

DATE:  Weekly Event - Every Friday

MORE:  Here you'll learn how to experience the peace of true meditation. Free classes and workshops are available throughout Australia to help you discover the unique technique of Sahaja Yoga Meditation.

Learn and experience

• Simple meditation techniques.

• Guided meditations to help reduce stress & achieve the peace of true meditation.

• Tips on how to help stay in balance during the day and how to meditate at home.



WHAT: Introduction to Meditation

DATE:  Wednesday 18th February

MORE:  Veda Wellness is hosting an evening to discuss how to create peace of mind, increase creativity, stress less & live more, and share many other wonderful benefits that meditation has to offer. There meditation teachers Steve and Sue Griffith run this evening who have been teaching meditation for the past 30 years.

WEBSITE | TICKETS: info@vedawellness.com.au

WHAT:  You Can Farm - Joel Salatin: Melb

DATE:  Sunday 22 February

MORE:  Join Joel Salatin for a unique one-day masterclass exploring how to set up a thriving, profitable and ethical small farm, using Polyface Farms' innovative techniques. This masterclass is perfect for beginner farmers, wanna-be farmers, tree-changers and landholders ready to get serious about regenerative agriculture, as well as existing farmers looking to broaden their on-farm offerings.


WHAT:  Beginners guide to raw health treats

DATE:  Saturday 14 February

MORE:  Always wondered how to make those deliciously health protein balls and slices you get from the health food outlets.

Raw Vegan & Paleo Pastry Chef Melissa from SuperFood Republic will be offering a 3hr hour workshop.

Learn the art of making:

*raw protein balls

*raw slices

Take home treats and recipes on what you have learnt on the day will be provided with your own ingredient hamper bag to take home to make your first batch.



WHAT:  Raw Dinner - Vegan Eats Hip Hop Beats

DATE:  Saturday 31 January

MORE:  ChicpeaJC and Whealth are teaming up with DJ Reese to create a night of raw vegan eating paired with classic hip hop tracks. The group is taking over the downtown jersey city loft of Chantal Lamour Studios to serve a four course raw vegan menu while DJ Reese spins classic hip hop music that compliments each course. After dinner we will turn up the beats and dance as ChicpeaJC shares a few hip hop steps on the dance floor. 


WHAT:  Pure Love - A Valentine's Day Celebration

DATE:  Saturday 14 February

MORE:  Come solo, with a friend, or your significant other to celebrate, express and expand the love you have for yourself and others! This event will be a Celebration of all forms of Love- including Self Love, Friendship and Significant Other Love. The past few Valentine’s events I have offered have been mixed with half singles and couples. If you come solo you will not feel out of place. We are a very warm and welcoming community. Who knows you may also make a new friend or meet that special someone.


WHAT:  Full Moon Yoga

DATE:  Tuesday 3 February

MORE:  Honor the fullness of the moon with a yoga class specifically designed to plug into the magic of the light. You will root into gratitude and conciously tap into receptivity to charge your being. This class will celebrate community + creativity while you connect to yourself and powerfully create what you want. 




DATE:   Sunday 19 April

MORE:  Impressive plant lab cheese plate presentations by our Level 1 students in Santa Monica. Learn how to make your own fermented and aged cheeses in Santa Monica at our Artisan Cheeses workshop

WEBSITE TICKETS: admissions@matthewkenneycuisine.com

WHAT:  Yoga Groove

DATE:  Friday 27 February

MORE:  YOGA GROOVE is an opportunity to bring people together who value community, health, freedom, a connection to music and most of all FUN! 

We incorporate a powerful yoga practice with freestyle dance and a live Dj who brings you uplifting house music and more. 

We create an atmosphere that is inviting to everyone and encourage you to dive in deep and let your hair down.


WHAT:  Seasonal Dinner with Your Farmer and Chef in Los Angeles!

DATE:  Thursday 19 February

MORE: Together, Farm Fresh To You and Local Table restaurant in Los Angeles welcome you to sit down to a seasonal, farm-to-fork dinner with farmer, Thaddeus Barsotti and chef Isaac Diaz. Join us for a unique dining experience with a reception, and a wonderful meal prepared with some of the season's best, organic ingredients - all for a good cause.  



WHAT:  Raw Food and Detox Workshop

DATE: Saturday 31 January

MORE:  Did you know that increasing the amount of raw food in your diet to just 50% can help to balance weight, improve mental clarity, lift mood and boost energy? Stephanie will show you how to incorporate ‘live’ and nutrient-rich food into your cooking, using ingredients that are easy to obtain and not using a dehydrator.

Going raw doesn’t mean having to give-up on flavour either. Learn quick and

tasty substitutes for cow’s milk, cheese, wheat and other ingredients.

Come and see how to make delicious savoury and sweet dishes,then enjoy the

raw treats at the end of the workshop. You’ll get recipe sheets to take away, so you can re-create them at home. Stephanie will also teach you a simple, yet effective detox programme that you can do now to get your year off to a great start; and which you can easily repeat throughout the year, as it suits you, to keep you energised and glowing!


WHAT:  Heartwarming Valentines Yoga Supperclub

DATE:  Thursday 12 February

MORE:  This yoga supper club is in honor of Valentines and is all about encouraging positive affirmations, opening hearts and celebrating life in a loving, nurturing practice. The YOGA: We will focus on welcoming positive affirmations in a gentle, restorative practice, focusing on opening up and encouraging love and positivity in through the heart chakra. We will work to re awakening muscle groups, allowing you to stretch up through integrated poses, strengthen your core and improve flexibility. All levels are welcome including beginners. The FOOD: To follow is a relaxed, informal dinner. All of the dishes on offer are nutrient packed, gluten free, wholesome and healthy to nourish the mind and body after your yoga practice