Jan 15


WHAT:  Natural Beekeeping

DATE:  Saturday 11 April - Sunday, 12 April 2015

MORE: Join Tim Malfroy of Malfroy's Gold as he leads you through the basics of bee-friendly, natural, organic, small-scale beekeeping. You will leave this course with a competent knowledge of the fundamentals of natural beekeeping, and be ready to take the plunge and keep your own bees, Warré style! This course focuses on a style of apiculture that is exclusively designed for the small-scale beekeeper. Warré beekeeping is a bee-friendly method that aims to care for the bees, allow them to control their own environment, and is a gentler approach than conventional beekeeping, resulting in healthy contented bees, and superb raw honey. This course is a series of presentations that draw a wide perspective on the evolution of flowering plants and honeybees, and the long and rich tradition of apiculture. There will be open discussion, and loads of practical advice! In addition to discussing the role of the beekeeper and how to keen bees, Tim will talk extensively about the amazing social behavior and biology of the honeybee, giving you a solid grounding in the intricate world of the honeybee and how to approach keeping them in an ethical, sustainable manner.


WHAT:  Introduction to Raw/Live Food

DATE:  Saturday 7 February

MORE:  Would you like to know what raw/live food is?  Do you want to incorporate raw/live food into your life but don’t know how? This workshop will answer those questions. In this workshop you will learn about the health benefits of raw/live food, how easy and simple it is to incorporate it into your life.  Learn what kitchen equipment you need (some you will already have). A hands on workshop where you will prepare some delicious raw/live food and allow your taste buds to be part of the workshop. All the recipes are gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar free. 



WHAT:  An Evening of Meditation, Self Love & Music for Inner Peace

DATE:  Friday 13 February

MORE:  Please join bestselling author Blake D. Bauer for an empowering evening of meditation, music & discussion. The event will explore how all suffering, anxiety, depression & illness is a cry from our subconscious mind asking us to love, value, honor, accept, forgive & be true to ourselves in every moment and situation. We will explore how to practically train ones mind and find freedom from self-destructive thoughts about the past and future, enabling us to enjoy life more fully in the present. The evening will be very practical, experiential and nourishing for the soul. A private concert with the very gifted Tom Francis (www.tomfrancismusic.com) will round out the evening with some very liberating and healing music.


WHAT:  Soundshower at Ihana Yoga Hampton

DATE:  Friday 13 February

MORE: Come bathe in pure sounds that will take you on a deeply transformational journey. This is a wonderful and unique musical experience! The Soundshower combines Tibetan Bowls, Chimes, Flutes and Overtone Singing. During the Soundshower you will be invited to lie down and immerse in the soothing tones. These tones reduce the brain activity and slow the heart beat, allowing a deep expanded state where healing can occur.The healing frequencies enhance a physical , mental and emotional calibration to the human body and energy field.

The Soundshower  helps shift and release stagnant energy and tension accumulated in the body, and is a very relaxing, rejuvenating and energising experience. It also assists with pain relief and many stress related conditions. Give yourself a chance to recharge, gain focus and clarity and deepen your sense of wellbeing.      



WHAT:  Vegan Raw Food Cooking Class


MORE:  With several attendees from our Vegan Cooking class held on 12/14/14 expressing interest in "Raw Food Cooking", we have decided to do another similar event on 11th Jan 2015 at the same Venue, 10AM-12 PM. During our Cooking Class, you will Learn:

                How to prepare delicious well-balanced Raw Food dishes.

                How to increase your consumption of Plant & Fruit-based foods.

                How to replace meats with vegetable and Raw Food proteins.

                How to make your food look appealing.

                We will present widely accepted Principles of nutrition.

                During our Class, you will discover how to prepare Healthy, Delicious and well balanced Raw Food meals that will bring mealtime enjoyment and may add years to your life!

EMAIL:  heidishealthkitchen@gmail.com | TICKETS

WHAT:  Vegan Comfort Foods

DATE:  Wednesday 28 January

MORE:  At the mere mention of the word “vegan,” many people tend to think of colorful salads, raw foods, and other cold dishes. The common misconception is that meatless cuisine can’t be hearty or satisfying. In this class, we’ll prove that notion wrong! Join vegan chef-blogger Jenné Claiborne as she shares a few of her favorite animal-free versions of comfort-food favorites while teaching useful culinary techniques for vegan home cooks of all skill levels. Omnivores welcome!

On the Menu: Sweet Potato Sliders with Pomegranate BBQ Sauce; Dairy-Free-But-Still-Creamy Mac & Cheese; Jenné’s Famous Cornbread; Raw Brownies Topped with Chai-Spiced Banana “Ice Cream.”

Instructor: Jenné Claiborne, Private Chef and Health Coach 



WHAT:  E.A.T It Raw ~ Extraordinary Raw Desserts

DATE:  Thursday 12 February

MORE:  To celebrate the month of romance, we are hosting another fabulous Raw Desserts workshop. This time, not only will you learn the secrets of raw vegan dessert techniques and how to make spectacular and nutritious treats without white sugar, flour, gluten, eggs, or dairy, but you will get to make your own dessert to take home! Join artisan raw foods creator Leslie while she shows you how to make truffles, creamy cakes, icings, and more. Come to learn how to prepare beautiful healthy desserts, enjoy fabulous conversation, listen to great music, and meet new friends.


WHAT: Honey workshop

DATE:  Sunday 31 January

MORE:  Nothing improves health faster and more firmly than the regular use of nourishing herbal preparations. In this hands-on workshop we will create a distinct herbal infusion through one of nature’s most decadent medicines: honey. Throughout history, the small honeybee, Apis mellifera, has been admired for its miracle of ingenuity and its ability to provide one of the most nourishing foods for the human body and spirit. Learn how the integration of herbs and other powerful Earth allies in honey can be prepared as one of the most useful medicines. Be inspired of the timeless tradition of medicine making, the art of beekeeping, and the history and folklore of the incomparable honeybee. In addition to the hands-on workshop, all attendees will leave with a booklet full of information discussed in the workshop as well as a collection of studies and ephemera focused on the essence and healing capacity of honey and Apis mellifera.



WHAT:  Raw Dessert Afternoon Tea Workshop

DATE:  Sunday 25 January

MORE:  Looking for a great Christmas gift? Treat someone you love to a Raw Dessert & Rooibos Afternoon Tea Workshop in January! Great way to start the year and learn how to make delicious desserts that taste amazing and make you look and feel great! 


WHAT:  Anicca Tea Ceremony + Meditation

DATE:  Sunday 18 January

MORE:  Anicca workshop is created to provide a place for tea ceremony and meditation, and a space for imperturbable peace. It invites you to experience life when mind is calm and slow down. It is a special tea ceremony with a rare kind of tea, a gentle guided meditation is incorporated to help provide a relaxed atmosphere.