September 12

City Guide


WHAT: Nicole Foss Live and networking social

DATE: Friday 26 September

MORE: Nicole shares her practical views on how to prepare for the twin threats of Peak Oil and Climate Change. Nicole is solution orientated, not fear orientated. She will give us an in-depth analysis on why we are facing the limits to growth and provide useful strategies for local communities and households on how to prepare for fossil fuel shortage and economic collapse.


WHAT: The 20/20 Diet Cook Book Launch


MORE: As part of our September Slimming Promotion, Lola Berry is coming to our new Double Bay store to Launch her "The 20/20 Diet Cookbook" at Aboutlife!! Lola lost 20 kilos in 20 weeks by switching to whole foods and reveals all her yummy recipes in this amazing book!  Come along for an inspiring evening with Lola, receive your very own copy of Lola's book and try some of the delicious recipes with Aboutlife Catering!




WHAT: Green Smoothie Class with the Green

DATE: Sunday 9 November

MORE: Want to feel more alive, alkalise your body and maintain your ideal weight? Looking for a convenient, delicious and easy way to 'eat raw'? Want to include the power of leafy greens in your daily diet but finding it difficult to discover tasty and convenient ways to do this? Discover how green smoothies will change your life and positively impact every aspect of your health. Leafy greens like kale are loaded with antioxidant, chlorophyll and vitamins. But simply chewing them doesn't release all their amazing nutrition. Green smoothies break down nutrients at the cellular level making valuable nutrients maximally bio-available.


WHAT: Storytime Yoga

DATE: Weekly Event - Every 2 weeks

MORE: Aimed at children aged 2 to 5, Storytime Yoga will combine the fun of storytime with the healing benefits of yoga. Run in conjunction with Kaela Snibson of Yoga Sparks, Storytime Yoga is an exciting new event series that aims to promote health, happiness and reading. 




WHAT: RootedNY: Bobolink Dairy and Tassot Apiary

DATE: Saturday 4 October

MORE: Join us for our inaugural visit to Bobolink and Tassot! We'll see the ins-and-outs of honey production and cheese-making, from bees and cows to honey and cheese. A picnic lunch will be provided, and included in the price of the tour is a jar of Tassot's signature honey. Tassot Apiaries, Inc., a family-run business located in Hunterdon County, manages bee hives on many parcels of land throughout New Jersey. They specialize in raw, chemical free, high quality honey and bee products. Tassot Apiaries also produces a prize-winning honey is which is locally harvested, raw, unfiltered, and unheated. We'll see the ins-and-outs of honey production, from flower to jar. A short trip down the road from Tassot is Bobolink Dairy, a dairy farm devoted to sustainable agriculture and comprehensive animal welfare policies. The farm tour will include Bobolink's bakery, farm store, milking parlor and, weather permitting, the pastures and livestock. The tour concludes with a tasting of breads and cheeses in the farm store.


WHAT: Meditation & Margaritas!

DATE: Thursday 16 October

MORE: Join us for an evening of meditation, margaritas, Tarot, and a touch of magic! How great would it be to enjoy a moment of stillness and serenity at the end of a crazy day, and then kick back and celebrate your inner zen with a cocktail and new friends? You are invited to a unique and fun evening that includes a “sampler” of several mediation styles that will quiet our busy minds, raise our vibration and promote tranquility. If you find basic seated meditation a “challenge”, no worries as you will learn the secrets and techniques for tapping into those peaceful vibes in creative ways without a 30 minute sit. We’ll also incorporate manifest journaling and active movement to help you open up, let go and access inner wisdom so that you can move forward into the weekend with confidence and grace.

Following the meditation, as we toast to blissful serenity with homemade Margaritas, guacamole, and iced tea, we will open up the space for conversation and Tarot readings. 




WHAT: Sustainable Seafood Expo

DATE: Sunday 12 October

MORE: FRIENDS of Cabrillo Marine Aquarium is hosting its first annual Sustainable Seafood Expo, a showcase for restaurants and seafood purveyors striving to provide smart seafood alternatives with less impact on the marine environment. Come sample seafood, wine, craft beers and other beverages and find out how you can support sustainability in your everyday life. The event is located at Crafted at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, CA.


WHAT: Full Circle Community Cleanse

DATE: Monday 22 September

MORE: Detoxification and cleansing have been around for thousands of years, but the knowledge has been lost. RIGHT NOW, it is more important than ever to reclaim this information. Full Circle Venice has joined forces with cardiologist and cleanse specialist Alejandro Junger M.D. who created the most endorsed, supported and effective cleanse in the world, The Clean Cleanse. This 21-day program was designed by Dr. Junger to improve his own health. Through his travels around the world, he has learned of the levels of toxicity of our planet and the power of cleansing. On September 22nd, Full Circle invites you to share this discovery to health as a community and enhance your body’s natural detoxification system to achieve optimal health!




WHAT: An Evening with Raw Food Goddess Mimi Kirk

DATE: Monday 29 September

MORE: Kabaret @ Karamel, London's new cutting-edge restaurant, is delighted to be hosting an evening with Mimi Kirk  - a global icon for the young-at-heart.

Voted "Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50" aged 70, Mimi immediately caused an international media sensation because of her youthful looks. Mimi will be flying in from California to host a meal, share her secrets to "health, longevity and living a vibrant life" and also demonstrate a recipe from her book "Live Raw'.


WHAT: Sound Meditation With Tibetan Gongs

DATE: Multiple Dates

MORE: Experience the universal sound of the gong and tibetan singing bowls. Allow the sounds to take you into a state of peaceful meditation and let it touch you deeply at a cellular level. Let go of any expectations and experience total relaxation and connection with the sounds of the universe.

• strengthens self-confidence, creativity and motivation• stress reduction through deep relaxation and endorphin release• promotes deeper sleep• activates self-healing mechanisms within the body. First Friday of the month.