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DATE:  Thursday 11 December

MORE: This is a class for those who want a little pick-me-up, or pick-me ups, throughout their day! Mike will teach you how to create simple tonics using herbs and ingredients you most likely already have in your own kitchen, garden or balcony that will invigorate the body and put a spring in your step.


WHAT:  Natural Beekeeping

DATE:  Saturday 21 February - Sunday 22 February

MORE:  Join Tim Malfroy of Malfroy's Gold as he leads you through the basics of bee-friendly, natural, organic, small-scale beekeeping.

You will leave this course with a competent knowledge of the fundamentals of natural beekeeping, and be ready to take the plunge and keep your own bees, Warré style! This course focuses on a style of apiculture that is exclusively designed for the small-scale beekeeper. Warré beekeeping is a bee-friendly method that aims to care for the bees, allow them to control their own environment, and is a gentler approach than conventional beekeeping, resulting in healthy contented bees, and superb raw honey.





MORE:  Tribe is a culmination of oneness for all generations and backgrounds, where the audience becomes a part of the performance. Good, Clean fun. Tribe is strictly drug and alcohol free, creating community building events that promote authentic connection and expression. Love. Every event is uniquely handcrafted by a team, artists and performers dedicated specifically to the role they love to do. It is a journey of love from beginning to end.


WHAT:  Master Your Mind, Master Your Life

DATE:  Monday 8 December

MORE:  Imagine having almost no anger, anxiety or worry. To have the power to stop unwanted thoughts at will. In fact, the mind can be shifted from it's current condition. Master Your Mind, Master Your Life. Having presented over 200 TV episodes on meditation and on addictions, Sister Denise Lawrence taught, for 12 years, the toughest LA prisoners how to move away from their addictions and on to meditation. A 40 year veteran yogi and spiritual mentor, she is of French/British background and a multi-linguist, including fluency in Hindi. She has an extraordinary command of the eastern and western psyche, cultures and philosophies and is equally at home in both cultures. She has written ten textbooks on values and spirituality which are now part of the curriculum of seven reputable Indian universities. Denise is an engaging speaker who combines intellectual rigor with deep and insightful presentations. Her presence reflects all of what a meditative lifestyle embraces.



WHAT:  Couples Yoga

DATE:  Saturday, December 13

MORE:  Some poses challenge your balance, stenght and flexibility, others require your total trust and surrender. Each excercise and breathing technique uses the power of the partner dynamic to achieve more than one percon could alone.

Couples yoga is a great way to bulid trust and deepen intimacy.


WHAT:  Organic New Years Party with Ski Johnson Performance

DATE:  Wednesday 31 December

MORE:  2015 brings the first annual Organic New Years Party hosted by The Inside New York Show, Jonathon Aldridge at GustOrganics in New York City. Bring your friends and get ready for a celeb studded night in the name of growing the Organic Food Movement! You can expect organic dinner, unlimited drinks, and a live performance by Jazz icon Ski Johnson! Get ready to start the New Year with a night to remember! Tickets are limited.



WHAT:  Introduction to Meditation Los Angeles


MORE:  This is a one hour talk, open to the public. We will speak about consciousness, the benefits of meditation and how you may learn the simple yet profoundly effective tool of Vedic Meditation. All are welcome. There is no charge.

A course in Vedic Meditation will be offered the day following the talk.


WHAT:  Pop-Up Yoga Workshop in LA with Dee Elnajjar & Pat Bailey

DATE:  Friday 26 December

MORE:  Reclaiming Female Sexuality - Connecting Heart to Yoni. Give yourself permission to experience deep and expansive healing during this 2-day retreat where women come together to rediscover our sexual selves with empowered awareness. We will discover why personal bliss is a trait necessary for magnetizing all the good life has to offer. Currently, there is so much talk about female orgasms, Tantra, sacred sex, and women liberating our sexual selves. It all sounds juicy and wonderful, but what does it all mean and why is there seemingly a boost in the information and conversation? How does becoming more sexual and orgasmic relate to our spiritual and physical health, to magnetism, manifestation and personal magic? What do our relationships with ourselves and loved ones have to do with all of this? Find out the answers to these questions and much more.



WHAT:  The Raw Food Workshop

DATE:  Weekly Event

MORE:  If you want to feel and look fantastic, lose weight naturally, and have loads of energy, changing to a raw food diet makes a huge difference. Instead of just thinking about it, why not learn about raw food at first hand? It couldn’t be easier.

Introducing  "Raw Food Workshop".

This intensive two hour class is a wonderful way to discover:

    How to create mouth-watering, nutritious raw meals

    Which raw food equipment best suits your budget and kitchen

    How to make the transition towards a raw food diet

    Simple ways to include more living food into your cooked food diet

How to make the transition towards a raw food diet


WHAT:  An alternative Christmas – Feast of 7 Fishes at Borough Market

DATE:  Sunday 14 december

MORE:  The Feast of 7 fishes is a traditional Italian Christmas dinner. The fish represent the seven sacraments, Tom will be representing 7 species of fish that will be caught using sustainable fishing methods from recommended healthy stocks. The banquet will be created using the finest organic produce and freshest fish. The vegetables used will be donated from surplus stocks that would otherwise have been thrown away for no good reason. This will include wonky vegetables, blemished fruits, wild, and foraged ingredients.“At Christmas we create a huge amount of unnecessary food waste. With many people hungry at such a festive time I wanted to create an alternative Christmas. Lets celebrate this abundance of food by using it to raise money for the people that really need it most”.