Knowing Amber is knowing a ray of sunshine! An Aussie native who uprooted to the sunny shores of California living a wholistic life fueled with light and love. Amber is a DoTerra Oils specialist, actress, stylist, blogger and loved up with Cary who with his family run the infamous and delicious Cafe Gratitude and Gracias Madre. They were gracious enough to allow us into a sneak peak of their home. Thank you x

Tell us how you & Cary go about a usual day?

I jump out of bed and onto my bike to make my morning yoga class or a run on Venice beach. Come home, make Care some scrambled farm eggs, force him to take his vitamins, and off he goes to work to change the world.

Right now he is training his new staff for Gracias Madre, a Mexican, vegan/organic fancy restaurant in West Hollywood, first of its kind to hit L.A! I will then rush off to auditions/work, lunch with a girlfriend, some blog entry's, do some oil business and get some admin and wifey duties done for the day.

In the evenings we usually have a local dinner out and see a film we are really excited about. Have an outdoor bath together, talk about our days and try be in bed (we have a no blue light before bed rule) before 11pm.

During the weekends we create much more adventures in nature, usually starting with a hike, bike ride through Venice, breaky on Abbott Kinney and finishing with an art exhibition, film or getting into whatever cultural happenings L.A has to offer. 

What was it like moving from Australia to Los Angeles in terms of finding like minded community?

It was a very smooth transition for me. I indulged in all the things i love, like, yoga, organic food spots, women's gatherings, Agape Church,   dancing, exploring, art culture etc etc. So naturally i met people in those places who were like minded! I find people in L.A generally VERY open and friendly and before i knew it i had a whole community of inspiring, creative and spiritual people to play with.

It helps that my man is operating Cafe Gratitude a business that operates in a self development context as well as offering the most amazing healthy food!! Cafe Gratitude is really a cultural hub of L.A, offering workshops, musical nights etc etc. It is a space where people gather to be involved in the movement toward full health and conscious relationships so a huge community of musicians, actors, healers and every other amazing creative expression coming form the heart congregate.

There is always interesting people doing interesting things there so this is where i have found many amazing people to connect with.

 Tell us your top 6 favourite conscious places/people/products around Venice:

1. Cafe Gratitude (of course)

2. My soon to be brother in Law, Ryland and his wife Sarah who head the victory Gardens movement and are always teaching me about how  create a self sustainable, echo friendly life style and inspire me to be more creative and more present!

3. There is a new bakery called Red Bread that offer Raw farm fresh goodies and fermented, home made breads.

4. I often pop over to Moon Juice for a Golden milk smoothie (turmeric and home made almond milk)

5. Agape Spiritual Centre in my Sunday medicine. I love starting off my day with dancing, singing, affirmations and talks from remarkable teachers around waking us up to our greatest potential as humans!

6. One of my favorite things to do is go to the boardwalk on a Sunday, people watch and admire the roller skaters getting down and dirty rollar Jam style. The freedom of expression, play and love from music and dance light me up every time!!!!


Tell us how you got involved with DoTerra Oils?

I tried a drink at Cafe Gratitude which involved sparkling water and essential oils. I was blown away by the medicinal effect it had on me and i was fascinated with the concept of an essential oil being such a high grade quality that you could ingest it in a beverage!

I did some research, bought some oils, played with them, feel in love with their diverse and healing powers and now they area big part of my life. 
Im working on growing a team of oil experts in Australia so if anyone is inspired by plant medicine and want to share good health and create abundance, call me!! hehe.

What are some of your favourite things to do with certain oils and uses for them?

SO MANY!! Each morning i create a perfume for the day depending on what mood im in. If i want some uplifting ill blend wild orange with geranium, dab the oils onto my meridian point (neck and wrists), spread it out with some coconut oil and start my day with some zest ;)

I put a drop of peppermint oil in my water bottle before i leave the house so i have a refreshing and digestive aid creation to be sipping on during my day. When i get home ill put some lavender in my oil diffuser to help my unwind my day and get me in the mood for sleep time!

And Cary is part of the family of Café Gratitude – what is the Café Gratitude team like to be a part of?

AMAZING and so inspiring. I feel so privileged to be part of such a conscious and revolutionizing movement in the restaurant biz.

I admire their approach to life and business and watch as so many lives are transformed through the way they operate the restaurants, patrons and staff alike. I was amazed to learn that they incorporate exercises into the staffs daily routine such as 'clearing' which was inspired by 'Landmark education'.  

What are some of your favourite dishes/smoothies from Café Gratitude?

Currently im obsessed with the smoothie 'grace' with an organic espresso shot in it. 
The buckwheat pancakes and coconut yogurt with fruit are my two go to's for breaky.
And the 'whole' with avo and kim chee is standard 'blow your mind' material.  

If there was something you could bring over from LA to Australia what would it be? 

The cities thirst for art (music/film/visual arts/) self development, alternative healing practices and yoga. And the facilities that are provided to support this inner and outer creative explosion. There seems to be overflowing acting/singing/film making/dancing etc etc classes as well as a yoga house on every corner and endless options organic/ conscious food options.

The people of L.A seem to have this amazing attitude of 'we can do it all'. Everyone is chasing their dreams and supporting each other in the process. There is no tall poppy syndrome amongst the people there which i find inspiring and encouraging to really get into action and go for it.

“If I want some uplifting i'll blend wild orange with geranium”